Outward Channeling is the skill to destroy any material with the mind including flesh and bone. This skill is seen in the book Lodestar. All elves can do this, even Talentless, so it is practiced along with levitation and others so that the elves are able to better defend themselves from the rebel Neverseen and similar threats. While this is not considered a "manifested ability", or "Talent" like Telepathy, Vanishing, Phasing, and Conjuring are, it is still something all elves are able to do. Telepaths seem to be able to outward channel better than other elves, because "their minds hold a much larger reserve of energy, which can make it easier to transfer" (Lodestar, page 420). This is shown when Coach Rohana says that with enough reserve, they can destroy a mountain. This happens later in the book when Gethen destroys Lumenaria with his mind for he was in solitude for many weeks. It is possible that it may be easier for Hydrokinetics and Telepaths to master this, because Linh is very good at it and says she understands it, though she is not known to have mastered it. Sophie also is able to plant a "seed" and burst three purple splotchers on a row. She also shattered a rock using an outward channeling.

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