Orem Vacker is Alvar, Fitz and Biana's, grandfather and the son of Luzia Vacker. He is also a Flasher who puts on light shows when eclipses occur. Not much is known about him. In the first book, Elwin calls him one of the best Flashers in the Elvin world. He is a minor character and is only mentioned in the first, second, and seventh book.

Orem Vacker provided Luzia Vacker's DNA to open the door to the troll hive since he had already known that his mother, Luzia Vacker had been helping the trolls and their hives. Alvar Vacker gossiped to Keefe that Orem Vacker and his mother (Luzia Vacker) didn't get along.

Orem Vacker gives his light show on the annual eclipse before Sophie teleports in with Silveny. Sophie missed this show because she was the finale after Orem Vacker's light show.

Vespera says that she got Luzia Vacker's DNA to activate the door to the troll hive from Orem Vacker.

Appearance Edit

Orem has neatly cropped hair and bronze skin.