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The Opening Ceremonies are a ceremony to welcome the new prodigies into Foxfire, and to welcome back those who have moved up a level.

Official Description[]

Before the new school year begins, the prodigies gather to preform for their families in a musical extravaganza, including a light show, costumed dances for each grade level, showers of edible confetti, and the The Elite Dedication (a very special presentation from the Elite Towers that include the blooming of Splendors and the flight of the Flickerwings). The campus is decorated in a variety of bioluminescence for the festivities, and the Council attends - and speaks to the audience - wishing the Prodigies a successful year of study.


Book 2: Exile[]

Sophie takes part in her first Opening Ceremony. The prodigies dress up like their level's mascot.

Book 3: Everblaze[]

Sophie was in Level 3 when her first Opening Ceremony took place, so she dressed up like a Mastodon. Along with dressing up like your mascot, you also dance, with choreography that is similar to the way that your mascot moves. Sophie had to dance in a shaggy brown Mastodon costume and a green Dragon costume. Sophie thought that the level six costume (the Yeti) looked the most embarrassing.

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