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Ogres are one of the Intelligent Species, described as being tall, with lumpy skin, claws, and pointed teeth. They are very violent creatures, with ogre children trained to fight from a very young age. They have a poor interspecific relationship with Goblins and an incredible proficiency in Microbiology. They are currently ruled by King Dimitar from the capital, Ravagog. Lady Cadence and Alvar have both studied the ogres extensively.

Their capital, Ravagog, was originally in the possession of the Gnomes and named Serenvale. The ogres, under the leadership of King Gowg, conquered Serenvale, renaming it Ravagog, in the Enlightened Language, or Saδlizagvatka, in their native tongue.

The ogres' ruler isn't decided by heritage or vote, but instead through the strongest ogre warriors of the generation fighting for the position, once the current ruler has died. These fights are fatal, with the winner having to kill all the other competitors in order to gain respect. King Dimitar's daughter, Ro, and Bo both plan to be the next ruler, being the ogres' strongest fighters. In expectation of this, King Dimitar arranged a marriage between the two. This plan appares to be failing, as it made both of them "more intent on killing the other."

The ogres have comitted many instances of interspecific genocide such as the ogres conquering the Gnomish City of Serenvale, making it their capital; as well as destryoing Troll Hives, therefore ruining entire generations of future Trolls.


The Ogres are not described very much in-series. If King Dimitar's appearance is used as a poit of reference, ogres stand at about six feet tall. The ogre king looks like a hairless gorilla (in Sophie's opinion) and has pointed teeth. Ro is described as having claws. All ogres seem to have gray skin, as King Dimitar's skin was described as being "like marble" and Bo was described as being able to blend into a rock, so that Sophie didn't notice him at first. Ogres don't wear many clothes. Their usual attire is metal battle armor. It can be noted that Sophie thinks that there's something about Bo that makes him seem more 'handsome' than the rest of the ogres, and that Ro is more slim and elegant than other ogres as well.


While not necessarily friendly with the Council, especially after Sophie attempted to breach their king's mind, the ogres are not officially fighting against the elves. King Dimitar states that the only ogres allied with the Neverseen are rebels. As stated above, the species hates goblins. During the Battle at Mount Everest, Sandor wrestled with one and the pair fell off a cliff. In Lodestar, King Dimitar signed a treaty agreeing that he would leave the elves alone, as long as they left the ogres alone in return. This treaty is broken when Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen enter Ravagog to deliver him a note in Nightfall.


Ogres are great microbiologists. They have developed an enzyme called aromark, a tracker, which can be revealed using reveldust. They also hybridized a bacteria called Bucollosiscia, which can produce a lethal sedative called soporidine . They also engineered the gnomish plague, which could only be cured with Panakes blossoms. Apart from that, ogres also have prodigious strength, as one of them was able to hold off Sandor. All ogres can phase-shift, a method that after falling, can be used to launch themselves to safety using a special device. Ogres also can use an ogre mind trick that brings most elves to their knees in pain by transmitting a high-pitched frequency known as the Grusom-daj. However, Sophie is unaffected, because of the tweaks made to her genes.

Known Ogres[]