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“Listen to my little elf boy, sounding all knowledgeable in microbiology and stuff! I've never been so proud.”

Ro, in Flashback (page 144, hardcover)

The Ogre's main secret weapon is Microbiology. It was originally used against the goblins, but the fact that elves can't see or smell bacteria is a bonus.

Known Microbiological Substances Edit

Reveldust is a special dust that reveals the ogre enzyme, aromark, and other ogre enzymes such as soporidine. It takes 130 seconds for the reveldust to reveal whether or not any ogre enzymes exist on the tested area. Pink means ethreium, green means a basic tracker, purple means soporidine, and red means aromark.

Aromark is transferred by touch but only if the aromark is fresh. It can be used as a tracker or a homing device. It is treated with piquatine, which is a liquid that melts off your skin.

Ethreium is an ogre enzyme used for tracking. It is not commonly used because it's weaker but it is completely odorless, making it undetectable. Using reveldust, it is said to glow pink, indicating ethreium. A remedy for this is spreading voracillius on your affected area and letting it gobble up the eithreium. Melting off the exposed skin also appears to be a potential way to remove it.

Voracillius is an ogre remedy for ethreium. To use it, you simply spread some of it on your affected area, let it gobble the ethreium like candy and wash it away.

Soporidine is secreted from Bucollosisciaa hybridized bacterium. The bacteria are harmless, but the soporidine is a sedative that can be lethal. When used, the person has no thoughts or dreams. Although it is hard to produce, it can be harvested. Sleep-inducing flowers burned with Everblaze can sustain the bacteria long enough to collect the sedative.

Although they exist in the human world, ogre amoebas are assumed to be different. They presumably upset the stomach and it takes about a day for the symptoms to take effect.

Uses Edit

In the fourth book, these substances were used to start the plague. However, after the ogres broke their alliance with the Neverseen, they have been attempting to use these substances for the greater good.

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