Oblivimyre is a tower that lies deep within Eternalia. It has purple walls built of brick-sized amethysts, diamond-shaped windows, and is completely surrounded by a silver fence, which has strands of tinsel on it, as well as prickles and sharp barbs among them. Isolated from most parts of Eternalia, it appears to be a place suitable for a princess despite it's actually purpose. It stands in viewable, though not close distance of a tree lined river.

There are gates on the front of this building that open with a thundering noise into courtyard with barren trees. Its interior is ice cold, which was shown to be important when keeping the pyrokinetic, Fintan Pyren in check for a time.  A key event that took place here is that Sophie Foster preformed a healing for Fintan. Shadows mask some of the areas inside. The floor inside appears to have fissures that look like purple veins in each brick that make each gem seem as if it almost would break. This main entryway consists of nothing other than two glowing chains that are used to get into the next room. The ceiling is low and covered in jewels.

It was built long before the ancient Elvin treaties were signed to serve as an example, and exhibit fear. Based off Fitz, it's part of the elvin history curriculum to learn about this place, stating that the whole place is a trap to make people go insane.

In the story, the tower was melted in the flames of Fintan's Everblaze, and all the gems and jewels turned to a purple-ish blue goop, hardening solid. 

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