Nobility is a high-class of elves that hold a lot of power. All government officials are part of the nobility, although not all members of the nobility hold Government-related jobs.

Nobility Requirements Edit

To be a member of the Nobility, you have to undergo many requirements.

Jobs Edit

Nobility members have many jobs and levels. Here is a list of known nobility jobs.

There are probably other nobility jobs that are not mentioned in the books.

Members Edit

There are many members of the nobility. Here is a list of known members of the nobility.

Name Ability Job Status
Alina Beguiler Councillor Active
Alden Vacker Telepath Emissary Active
Bronte Inflictor Councillor Active
Cassius Sencen Empath Emissary Active
Clarette Polyglot Councillor Active
Darek Unknown Councillor Active
Emery Telepath Councillor Active
Fallon Vacker Flasher Councillor Retired
Fintan Pyrokinetic Councillor Retired
Grady Mesmer Emissary Retired
Kenric Telepath Councillor Deceased
Liora Conjurer Councillor Active
Noland Vociferator Councillor Active
Oralie Empath, Conjurer Councillor Active
Ramira Unknown Councillor Active
Terik Descryer Councillor Active
Velia Unknown Councillor Active
Zarina Charger Councillor Active