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This article is about the Neverseen, the antagonist group. You may be looking for Book 4: Neverseen, the fourth book in the series.
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The Neverseen is the name of one of the rebel groups and main antagonist in Keeper of the Lost Cities. Their purpose is to oppose the rule of the Council. They have wreaked serious havoc on the Lost Cities to make their presence known to everyone. They have a large, extremely expansive network and many hideouts, some of which were compromised in Lodestar, forcing the members to flock toward others.


The supporters of the initiative were angry with the Council. Some called for members to resign. There were threats to go ahead with the plan. The Council did not regard the threats. All talk of rebellion vanished, and the Council was satisfied.

Contrary to what the Council believed, supporters of the initiative moved underground, and some of the more aggressive ones formed the rebel group now known as the Neverseen. Their opponents formed the Black Swan, the protagonist group in the series.


The Neverseen wear a patch on their cloaks and an armband underneath, both with their symbol on it. The symbol is a white circle with a white eye in the center. This symbol has been in some of Sophie's nightmares.

The Lodestar symbol has little rays that is actually a special code that can be used to leap to one of the Neverseen's hideouts.

The Nightfall symbol is actually Vespera's signature. The swirling lines are elvin runes spelling out her name.



The Neverseen's signature uniform is a thick hooded black cloak with sleeves and their symbol on the sleeve. Underneath, they wear a wide black armband with their symbol and a vest. The vest is described as "military-style" and is worn over a shirt. It is unknown whether there is a specific color that the shirt should be. When Keefe wears a black shirt with his vest when he is attempting to disguise himself as a Neverseen member, King Dimitar reacts as though his disguise is accurate, though other shirt colors may also be accepted. Sophie chooses to wear a white shirt with her vest, but it is unknown whether this would be allowed by the Neverseen. King Dimitar also seems to accept wearing a green cape underneath the cloak, although it is unclear whether it is typical to wear a cape with the cloak. For footwear, members generally wear heavy black boots.

When Keefe leaves the Neverseen, he is wearing a tunic. It is unknown whether this is casual wear or a part of the Neverseen uniform.

In Neverseen, the vests are described as brown. The vests may come in multiple colors or be an optional part of the uniform, as Keefe is described as dressing all in black when he destroys Foxfire in Lodestar.

Neverseen cloaks appear to have some protective properties. In Lodestar, Sophie is able to escape the destruction of Foxfire unharmed due to the Neverseen cloak Keefe tosses over her, though they are somewhat flammable. They also can disguise the wearer's identity quite well, even for extended periods of time (as demonstrated by Glimmer). The cloak has at least one pocket. Trackers may be hidden in the hem along with devices for accessing the Neverseen hideouts.

Known Members[]

“We have too many villains.”

Fintan Pyren is the former leader of the Neverseen and a powerful Pyrokinetic. He knows how to spark Everblaze and he was the first Pyrokinetic to be able to do so causing problems. He was a former member of the Council before the discrimination he faced because of his ability drove him away from his noble duties and led him to become a rebel.

Brant was the Pyrokinetic who interrogated Sophie and set the fire that had killed Jolie, his fiancée who joined the Black Swan. He lost his hand after being attacked by Grady in the third book. He was trained in secret by Fintan to control his ability and spark Everblaze, and was introduced to the Neverseen through Fintan as well. He died after his skull was crushed by a falling chunk of the ceiling when he was shoved by Mr. Forkle while Lumenaria was crumbling.

Gisela is a Polyglot, Keefe Sencen's mother, and one of the many Neverseen members who tried to kidnap Silveny the alicorn. Keefe Sencen had thrown a goblin throwing star at her, giving her a scar at the end of Book 2, which eventually served as evidence of Gisela's involvement with the Neverseen. She is the one who developed the Lodestar Initiative and was one of the leaders of the Neverseen until Fintan captures her into an ogre prison and tortured her using ogre methods, throwing her off the leadership podium and rearranging the hierarchy of the Neverseen. As of Lodestar, she has escaped from the prison, and she demands Keefe not to be affiliated with the Neverseen even though she was the one who dragged him into the organization in the first place. She was believed to have killed Cyrah Endal until it was disproven.

Ruy is an amazingly powerful Psionipath who attended Exillium. He was recruited by Gethen. He had been banished to Exilium since he was young, the reason being "proven unstable and unfit for society". When Sophie asked about him to Coach Rohana, she told Sophie to "stay away". He is also known to be wearing an addler, that he is known to be smug about. No one has seen his actual face.

Some dwarves are known to work for the Neverseen as spies and fighters.

A small rebel band of ogres work for the Neverseen mainly as fighters. The leader of these ogres is named Cadfael, and he is Ro's ex-boyfriend.

Alvar is revealed to be part of the Neverseen at the end of Book 4. He was one of the youngest to enlist, and he is also The Boy Who Disappeared, which is the boy who had spied on Sophie when she was five and still in the Forbidden Cities. In Book 6: Nightfall he was found in Lady Gisela's nightfall, bound, beaten, and heavily sedated with a powerful drug known as Soporidine. In Book 7: Flashback, it was revealed that he was drugged on purpose, as part of a plan by the Neverseen. In Legacy, he was found in Candleshade by Sophie, Keefe and Ro, who let him go in exchange for information on the Neverseen's plan. He was extremely weakened and sick when they found him and likely died or will soon as he went to a place where he could live out whatever days he has left in peace.

Keefe joins at the end of Neverseen, worrying the group. Later in Lodestar, it was revealed that he joined as a double agent and is trying to gain intelligence to destroy the Neverseen. Keefe leaves the Neverseen at the end of Lodestar, after believing to have stolen Caches from the Neverseen (although later details in the books proved otherwise.)


Gethen is a Telepath and was also the mysterious jogger who tried to capture Sophie in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities. He later kidnapped her along with other Neverseen members at the end of Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities. The Black Swan eventually captured him in the fight on Mt. Everest. He was traded away in exchange for Prentice to the Council and was imprisoned in Lumenaria for several months. He was stationary until he, Fintan, Brant, Ruy, and the anonymous prisoner (Vespera) used their mental energy to break down the walls of Lumenaria so that they could wreak havoc and escape at the same time.

Trix is a Guster and keeps himself concealed with the Neverseen cloak. In Lodestar, he is one of Wylie Endal's abductors and is mentioned to work often with Umber. His real identity is currently unknown.

Umber was a Shade and kept her appearance concealed with the Neverseen cloak. She was described to be a more powerful Shade than Tam Song. She was one of Wylie Endal's abductors and is mentioned to work often with Trix. She was one of the few Shades able to control Shadowflux. She was killed in Flashback by a collapsing door. Her real identity is unknown.

Vespera is an Empath as well as an Ancient. She is the founder of Nightfall. She escaped from Lumenaria in Lodestar. She pushed Biana into a mirror at the end of Nightfall, giving her scars on her arm, neck and face.

Tam was extorted into joined the Neverseen at the end of Flashback to stop Linh, Silveny, Greyfell, Luna, and Wynn from being killed by Lady Gisela, who threatened to do so if Tam refused to join. Tam hoped to gain intelligence about the Neverseen and their plans, much like Keefe's backfired plan. The Neverseen shackle Tam in Ethertine bonds, allowing them to control him. At the end of Legacy, Tam leaves the Neverseen after Glimmer frees him from these bonds.

Glimmer is a Flasher who assisted Lady Gisela with her plan in Loamnore. It was said that she was one of the, if not the most committed member of Neverseen by Lady Gisela. However, when Lady Gisela threatened to go back on her promise to Tam, Glimmer frees Tam and deserts the Neverseen.

Jolie Ruewen (Double Agent/Deceased)

The Neverseen have multiple Technopaths referenced in Lodestar.

“They've had all their technopaths working on it.”

Keefe Sencen, in Book 5: Lodestar, page(s) 27, paperback

Keefe Sencen had also referenced that there are several unknown members.


“Either elves were capable of more than they realized, or the rebels were insane.”

“The Neverseen have always desired to take over.”