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Multiple Births are considered rare in the Lost Cities, and are frowned upon when they happen. This is because elves believe that if an elf has more than one or two children (not just in the case of multiple births), their inherited special abilities will be diluted. However, the belief may be a rumor to prevent overpopulation, as elves' life spans are indefinite. Several people do not trust this theory, including Sophie, her friends, and the Dizznee family. The following is a list of the multiple births mentioned in the series.

Tam and Linh Song[]

Because they are fraternal twins, Tam and Linh Song could have passed as separate siblings, but chose not to do so. However, Quan Song, their father, attempted to make others believe Tam was one year older than Linh. Mai and Quan were against multiple births and hated having twins, as they felt it brought disgrace upon their name. Linh accidentally flooded Atlantis, resulting in her banishment to Exillium; however, this was mostly her parents' fault due to their foolish decision to bring a new and still learning Hydrokinetic to the underwater city of Atlantis. Tam refused to let Linh go to Exillium by herself, so he simply went with her. The two siblings lived in the bush, essentially limited from every region of the Lost Cities. In Flashback and Nightfall, Mai Song, Tam and Linh's mother, appears to long for the twins' return.

Rex, Bex, and Lex Dizznee[]

These three children are the triplet younger siblings of Dex Dizznee. The reason for their rhyming names is because of Kesler Dizznee's, their father's, sense of humor. Their parents, Juline and Kesler Dizznee, are okay with multiple births and don't hide the fact that the three are triplets.  

The triplets are the reason Juline joined the Black Swan, because she knew that the secretive organization would help make multiple births more acceptable. The triplets are also rambunctious and continuously break things. It was mentioned that because of prejudices, it is hard to find babysitters for the triplets.  

The Forkle Brothers[]

At the end of Lodestar, one of the Forkle brothers dies, causing everyone to believe that Mr. Forkle is dead. It is revealed in Book 6: Nightfall that when they were young, their parents would hide one away and send the other into the world. When the one who went out into the world came back, they would rehash their day to the other. They lived their whole lives as one person and continued it that way when they grew up. When they were young, they thought everybody had a secret twin. It was only when they got older did they realize that their parents were lying. They decided to keep it going after they found out though because it could be useful in the future. Also, if they let anybody know they were twins, they could never take it back (and would probably be looked down upon as twins and triplets generally are). If they had been fraternal twins, their mother and father would've hidden one and faked the second pregnancy, but since they were identical, they resorted to hiding one twin at a time.  

Luna and Wynn[]

Luna and Wynn are Alicorn foals. They were born during Book 7: Flashback, and are the daughter and son of Silveny and Greyfell. Elvin twins are looked down upon, but Alicorn twins are not, due to the fact that they aren’t elves and don’t have special abilities (besides teleporting).