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“You have deprived me of the Snuggles-that cannot be forgiven!”


Mr. Snuggles is a sparkly, red dragon stuffed animal that belongs to Fitz, and is a present from Elwin (named by Elwin too). Fitz received him as a way to help cope after Alden's mind broke in Exile. At first, Fitz hated Mr.Snuggles and threw him under his bed. But after a particularly bad nightmare, Fitz reconciles and now can't sleep without Mr. Snuggles.

Fitz and Sophie's bond strengthen because of him, and Sophie's stuffed elephant, Ella. When times get tough for Sophie, Mr. Snuggles is offered to her for comfort. According to Fitz Vacker, the sparkles are to represent a real dragon's sheen on their scales.

Fitz leaves Mr. Snuggles with Sophie temporary when Sophie was having a rough time.. Fitz also snuggles with Mr.Snuggles after being impaled by arthropleura and while in the healing center after being attacked by Umber.


Mr. Sunggles comforts Fitz.