Moonglade is a meadow, which Dex considers to not have many visitors and that, is unbeknownst to most elves, is a great place to stargaze and bottle starlight. It has a view that Dex believes is much better than Siren Rock, and the wide round meadow flickers with many fireflies. From this sight, billions of stars are present, and no one else was described to be located here the time Dex and Sophie came. The temperature is on the cool side, as Dex had to regulate his temperature. He later pulled grass out by its roots in this location.

Known Incidents At Moonglade Edit

Moonglade is where Dex and Sophie bottle starlight for a Universe assignment. The assignment Sophie and Dex go there for is when they get a list of six stars to bottle light from, then find a seventh star that matches the pattern and bottle its light as well. After Sophie finishes helping Dex with his homework, she does hers. She finds a forbidden star named Elementine which only the Councillors know how to find and accidentally bottles its light, which turns out to be Quintessence. When Sophie gets to Foxfire the next day, she figures out that her pattern was actually supposed to be stars that were metal toned, and because bottling Quintessence is illegal, she has to undergo a tribunal. At the tribunal, they figure out that Sophie was unknowing and didn't punish her.

Trivia Edit

  • The stars on Sophie's homework one day was supposed to have a pattern, and she had to guess it for homework. Her stars made the last one in the pattern Elementine, even though she wasn't supposed to bottle a forgotten star (or even know about).

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