aka I may have punched him, it’s a blur, sir

  • I live in a happier place where racism is obliterated, homophobia/transphobia is gone, misogyny has been forgotten, there are no religious biases, and everyone can be who they want to be. Maybe it’s the future
  • My occupation is Netflix, books, uh wiki-ing. I’m writing a book series, the working title is The Catalyst Saga
  • I am female (she/her). I’m also a big book fan, aspiring author, terrible artist, agnostic (something bound to change soon), an avid film critic, and, like you, a human being.
  • Bio Hello. I’m Wolfy (she/her/her’s), agnostic, TV critic, bookworm, weirdo, manifestation of awkwardness, admin on CC, mod on Flaffy Planet, convivial person, and amateur author! (Seriously though, I’m trying to write a novel series.) Feel free to initiate conversation! (Did I mention I love words?)
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