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  • I live in A swamp that some fool named Louisiana
  • I was born on March 22
  • My occupation is Vanisher, Schuyler Sister, District 8 Tribute, and I'm a Slytherin so you better watch out bc I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good ;)
  • I am drowning in my sorrows (jk jk im a girl)
  • Bio You. You, right there. Yeah, you. Read my bio. You know you want to. Go follow these peeps on Wattpad: @BexDizzneeOfficial (she's one of my best friends and is a great listener, so go follow her or i'll be mad>:((( also tell her the great iconic queen lyn sent you *yes use those exact words and she'll get it XD*) @Trexdizznee (another one of my best friends, @BexDizzneeOfficial 's sister) @brooklynivey07 (that's me) @ThatWeirdChild1 (another one of my besties, she's hilarious) @-_foliedeaux_- (she's my lgbtq+ stan friend, and it's all she ever talks ab besides hamilton and shes an icon omg i love herrrrr) @Dexnopath (Yet another one of my besties.) @ruenellie (my super cool cousin who's also an lgbtq+ stan XD) @TheBreadteleporter (my wp brother, tell him lyn sent you XD) (actually, tell everyone that lyn sent you, except for @BexDizzneeOfficial, tell her the great iconic queen lyn sent you XD) and yeah, that's it! thxx for reading, luv u!!!!
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Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! This is a stalking-free zone, so feel free to stalk as much as you'd like (besides messages labeled 'closed')! Also, feel free to hmu on my message wall anytime!!! ilysmmmmm byeeeeeeee :))))))
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  • Hi this is Evelyn from Please Help Me. Can you teach me how to code a friend badge? I really want to make one. ( Mainly for you. You are my best virtual freind. * Hugs through the screen*)

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    • But just so you know, I have absolitely no idea how to code

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    • Haha lol it's okay, I only just learned a few weeks ago, and I'm still getting the hang of things. I left some questions on my message on your wall, and once you answer those, I'll start coding! Just so you know, if my coding doesn't work (since I'm a newer coder), I'd be happy to have a more experienced coder make your badge for you! I'm friends with lots of coders on the wiki, so I'm sure they'll be happy to help. But I'm still going to give it a shot first.

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  • for the one shot war, could you plz make a new one?

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  • Wow even if i admit ur keefe is being annoying, YoUR FanFIC Is ⓐⓜⓐⓩⓘⓝⓖ. U are an amzing writer and I absolutely love reading what u write.

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    Hello, I'm an admin for the Lost Cities wiki. This is a reminder that profanity is not tolerated here, even if the word is only considered a "minor" swear. I've edited your comment on Please refer to our guidelines for more information.

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    • Omg, I'm so so so sorry! I was just joking around, and I have *admittedly* cursed a few times in my fanfics, but not too much. I had no idea of this rule, since Wattpad (the other platform I use) allows swearing. I won't swear in the future anymore. Thanks for the reminder!

      Sorry again :(


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    • No worries at all! It's an easy mistake to make -- just make sure not to repeat it. Thank you so much for being understanding, though <3


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    • No problem! I do have a bit of a loud mouth sometimes (especially irl XD) but I can stop if it's not allowed. I don't wanna offend people or anything, you know? XD

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  • The original one is full, and I need the new link! :)

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  • A/N: this is an AU and the song is Show Yourself by Indina Menzel. It isn’t the whole song.

    Every inch of me is trembling

    But not from the cold

    I saw her. She looked beautiful. I hoped she would notice. That I thought so.

    He saw me. I wish I was as cool. I hoped he would notice. That I thought so.

    Something is familiar

    Like a dream I can reach

    But not quite hold

    I can sense you there

    Like I friend I’ve always known

    I am arriving

    And feels like I am home


    The celebration was the wedding of Jolie and Brant. With the combined wedding of Councillor Oralie and Councillor Kenric. I was wearing a silvery blue color. I know. I know. I should tell him. But-

    He stood next to me! I had to face it. I was very comfortable around him.

    I have always been a fortress

    Cold secrets deep inside

    You have secrets too

    But you don’t have to hide


    I wanted to tell her all my secrets. I wanted to tell her my fears.

    But to put that heavy weight on her.


    Just no.


    We walked up the stairs. When she smiled, I felt like my heart could burst with love. Keefe smirked at me beside Fitz. I turned away, flushing.

    “What's wrong Tam?”a sweet voice asked. It took me a second to notice if was Biana’s voice.

    “Nothing, just stupid Keefe,”I replied. 

    She punched me gently and opened the doors. 

    It was breathtaking.

    Show yourself!

    I’m dying to meet you

    Show yourself!

    It’s your turn

    Are you the one I've been looking for

    All of my life?

    Show yourself!

    I’m ready to learn


    He must be the one. All those other boys I turned down, they didn’t have the same charm as him. But what if he doesn’t like me back. His hand gripped mine as we took in the beautiful scene before us. Linh looked down at our hands and giggled. I quickly let go.

    What was the expression on his face?


    He glared at Linh who quickly escaped to the crowd.

    “So glad you could come!” Kenric greeted. Followed by Brant. Both were smiling so hard it looked like it hurt.

    “Why wouldn’t we?”I teased. There was no way I was gonna miss this.

    We heard a thundercrack like sound, the alicorns. 

    Ah ah ah ah

    Ah ah ah ah

    Linh was positively bounded towards the alicorns and Sophie got off Silveny’s back.”Sorry we’re late,”

    “No problem,”Kenric peered at the alicorns and the ali-babies. (Haha) 

    Luna neighed and nudged Wynn. 

    I never felt so certain

    All my life I’ve been torn


    I think something is going to happen today. Yes, the weddings, but something else…

    I got distracted from my thoughts with Biana pulling me towards Fitz and Linh.

    Siblings React: To holding hands *mentally*

    Linh: OMG, they’re sooooo cute! *giggles while splashing water in Tam’s face*

    Fitz: ….Don’t you-

    Tam: Yes, I don’t dare.

    But I’m here for a reason

    Could it be the reason I was born?

    I have always been so different

    Normal rules did not apply

    Is this the day?

    Are you the way? 

    I will finally find out why!


    I made a mental note to ask Linh why she was giggling so hard when Sophie transmitted for us to come. Fitz then rounded on Tam. Before I got a chance to react I was through the door. Woah.

    “We have a bit of a problem here ,if you don’t mind Biana. And Linh.”Jolie said, her hair and absolute mess and Oralie looking very frantic as her wedding dress has supposedly disappeared.

    “Don’t worry! Lady Biana is one the job!” I proclaimed. I grabbed Sophie’s hand as we lighleaped to Atlantis. It was mostly empty, as almost everyone was at the wedding. I pulled Sophie into a wedding shop that was open.


    “Show me Jolie Ruewen.” Sophie said to her Imparter, reading my mind. Wait-did she? Whatever.

    After we got the dresses, it was time for the bride-s to go out, after  the vows there wasn’t a dry eyed elf in the room. 



    I didn’t know what I was thinking, I pulled Biana into the fast speed waltz. Good thing she looked delighted.

    After a while I decided to talk, it was like someone else was talking and I was watching.

    I caught up after me saying “-I really like you, you know.” I was horrified. What if she said no? What if-

    “No, I don’t know. Same for you Tam.”

    She looked surprised at her words, like me.

    Show Yourself!

    We both stopped dancing and went to a hotel room in the place.

    “You like me?”Biana said softly.

    “Ya,” Stupid, stupid. What response was that?

    Then I did something even stupider. I kissed her.

    For some reason she kissed me back.

    Oh, was that what he said? I like you too?

    Wish I caught up on that sooner.

    I think we stayed like that for like, 10 seconds. She tasted so sweet, like warm ripplefluffs dipped in mallowmelt.


    I am so sorry, I had this yesterday but I couldn't post it because my laptop froze and did you already eliminate someone? I am so so so sorry.

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  • Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I love your Tiana story! I would have loved to post a comment there but the thread is broken. Continue with the writing, you’re a great author!

    ~ TheUltimateBookworm

    PS: please read my fanfic

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  • helo just sayin hi :D

    how you doing??

    and here:
    Kackle's Friend

    Alright, so, if you have this badge, that means we're friends! Yay! We probably met on a wiki. Duh. Sorry I think I was delirious when I coded this. Anyway, we have fandoms in common. What else do I put on here?

    Let's sing a song to commemorate our friendship. *deep breath* Adam and Eve bought knowledge for the small price of a little sin-

    Thanks for putting up with me! Love y'all! <33

    type this → {{Kackle's Friend heh}}
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  • Hi!

    I saw ur comment about how to make a poll, so here


    at the end of both 'polls'

    The poll was created at 12:51 on September 11, 2020, and so far 2 people voted.
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