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  • * This is important: These chapters are non-edited, so please feel free to comment for changes, or if something is wrong! Also, please do not reproduce this. Let me know if someone wants to read it. Also, nothing is final, including the title/setting.Thank you!


    It all started with a boy picking up a newspaper. A newspaper that was the final clue, the answer. He knew what, who to find at last. He knew he was close. He knew he was near. Now, he had to figure out where she was. The hardest part, though, would be telling her.

    Chapter 1

    “True, come down out of that room of yours! Someone’s here to see you,” the call came spearing through True’s mind, as she was reading. She dropped her book, surprised that someone had come to see her. She rushed downstairs, hoping it wasn’t reporters. There weren’t any reporters or even any cameras. Instead, there was a boy, about her age standing there clutching a newspaper.

    The boy seems about True’s age, 13, maybe a little older. Although it was sweltering outside was wearing jeans and a blue sweatshirt. Peeking out of the hoodie of the sweatshirt was perfect jet-black hair. Barely visible from under all the clothes, there was perfect rose-beige skin. The newspaper he grasped contained an article and a photo titled, ‘Local, True Freeman, Wins Grand Award At Pasadena High School’.

    “Hello! You must be Miss True Freeman! I have read much about you. I am Tedros Sigini, but you can call me Ted. ” Said the boy as he stretched his hand and stepped inside the house. When she realized that she had been staring, a blush started creeping into her cheeks.

    “Oh… hi.” replied True gingerly, while shaking his hand.

    “Can we go somewhere to talk? I would like to ask you some questions” Ted asked True politely.

    “Umm… Mom, can I go?”True said to her mother, Ashley, who was standing behind her. Ashley looked surprised that True had asked her for permission

    “Oh! Of course, honey! Enjoy yourselves!” she replied in a startled tone while slipping True a 10 dollar bill.

    Just then, Trues little sister, Agatha, barged through the front door nearly making her fall. She stops at once and looks inside the room, realizing that they had a visitor. Agatha looks from True to Ted lingering there for a while, studying him, before turning her gaze to her mother and back to True. She turns her back to Ted and True, then suddenly spins back, sticks her tongue out to True before dashing upstairs. After staring behind where her sister had been, True turns and joins Ted where he had stepped out onto the porch.

    Chapter 2

    As True and Ted walked to the nearest Starbucks, it was obvious that Ted knew his way around, although True knew he wasn't from her city because she had never seen him before. Once both of them had settled down, True with her favorite, caramel frappuccino with extra whipped cream, she noticed that she couldn’t hear Ted’s thoughts, although she could for all the other people in the room. She frowned as she thought about this. Why couldn’t she read his mind?

    “Are you okay, Miss Freeman?” Ted asked pulling True out of her thoughts,

    “Yes, I was just thinking about something. Just call me True,” she replied.

    “Of course, Mi- True.” He said, frowning as he studied my face, “Do you, by any chance, have something different about you?”

    When Ted asked this, True suddenly felt uncomfortable. Why is he asking if I was different?


    “I can only tell you if you answer my question. Please tell me, it is very important.” He said after a short pause.

    “I kind of do,” True admitted in a quiet voice, “I can read minds, but all the noise from people is very disturbing. Everyone's thoughts just pop into my head! It’s very annoying.” she paused and frowned before continuing. “Why can’t I hear your thoughts?”

    Ted’s eyes widened, as True was talking.

    She was a Telepath! Out of all the Abilities, she got the rarest! He thought,

    “You’re a Telepath! Really?! Are you sure, True?” exclaimed Ted in a very excited voice,

    “I guess I am… since I can read minds,” replied True uncertainty, “I also wanted to say that it isn’t normal for someone to know a language without ever learning it?”

    Ted’s eyes expanded to the size of saucers, and his mouth lay gaping open. Once he had composed himself, although still shocked, Ted calmed down a little. Then he just became more confused.

    “Wait a second, you have two abilities?! But that is unheard of!” Ted nearly shouted, “Telepath and Polyglot,” he muttered to himself, in complete, utter confusion and disbelief.

    Ted stood up very abruptly, as if in a hurry. Then, in an excited voice said,

    “Let’s go!“ and pulled True out of her chair. As Ted did this, many of the other people looked up, wondering what all the shouting was about, and he quieted down because he knew what they were thinking.

    “Oh, wait I forgot, you don't even know where I want to take you!“ he whispered to True.

    “What do you mean? Where are you taking me?“ said True, as she started to get frightened.

    “It’s okay, I just want to take you someplace where I can show you.“ he replied, pulling True out the door.

    “Show me what?” she asked, just as they arrived into a small alleyway. Ted led True over to a clean little box and guided her to sit down. He sat on another box across from her and began to explain.

    “Well, first I have to tell you. Remember, I still haven’t answered your question,” He said, amusement in his eyes as he realized True had forgotten, “Why did I ask if you were different? This part may be a little hard for you to take in. True, you aren’t human. You are a Noalean, and a very special one at that. You have two abilities! Every other Noalean has but one!” He said, excitement still in his eyes.

    True startled and jumped off her box, as she heard that she wasn’t human.

    A Noalean? True thought as her emotions spiked, What does that mean?

    “What’s a Noalean? What do you mean by I’m not human?” she said, very frightened by what Ted was telling her.

    Ted stood up and checked for dirt on his pants before telling her, “True, please, calm down. I can explain. Us, Noalean are the proud citizens of Noalea. Wait, let me finish,” he said as he saw True opening her mouth to ask a question, “Noalea is the world I come from. I realize that you’re Noalean, but you are still different.” He frowned

    “How am I different?” True asked him, looking over both of them to see what was different, as Ted frowned at her face.

    “Your eyes. They’re beautiful, but they aren’t blue.” Ted told her as she blushed from the compliment before noticing that Ted’s eyes are light olympic- blue color and striking, but light white color near the pupils.

    “Oh… My eyes.” True had always been complimented on her golden and brown. But even where she was meant to be normal, her best detail would be her one flaw.

    “True, it isn’t your fault. It just how you were born. Perhaps the Black Seal have something to do with this…?” He said uncertainly.

    “ Who is the Black Seal? What do they have to do with my eyes?” True said, getting upset again.

    “We don’t know exactly, but they’re the reason we had to find you. They created you and are sure to come for you,” he said, in a hushed voice as if saying it is sacred. “You’re in danger, True, which is why you must leave.”

    Chapter 3

    “Leave?! I have to leave? What about my family? Wait, are they Noalean too?” True asked rapidly, still not completely trusting Ted, but still curious as ever.  

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  • Hi, TheStrangeRipplefluff! I had a quick question: Is your profie image Annabeth Chase?

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    • OH...that might be why she looks so familiar to me. I thought it was a slightly different fanart of Sophie, lol. But it could be Annabeth too....

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  • Please Join! [The Maze Runner Fan Club!]

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