aka Emily

  • I live in the Lost Cities
  • My occupation is Dancer/Student/Reader/Writer/Lover of cats
  • I am a girl
  • Bio Hi! I'm an avid dancer/reader and if u want to, follow me on Instagram @sophie.foster__! Bye and have fun on the Wiki!
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Welcome to my profile! My name is Emily, and you're welcome to post ANYTHING on my message wall, whether it's about chatting about KotLC, ranting or telling me what you like to eat.I also have some REALLY good book recommendations, so if you're looking for a new book/series, feel free to ask me for one! If you would like to know more about me, message me on my wall! -Emily


1.Please do not notif or reply to any messages on my wall, unless:

1. You sent me that message.

2. You have something important to say.

3. I haven't replied to that thread in more than a week and there are unanswered questions.

4. I sent that message to myself.

2. Please respect me and everyone else.

3. DON'T. STEAL. MY CODE. If you want to use my code, ask me first. There is no guarantee that I will agree to let you use my code. However, there os a guarantee that i will code anyhting for you.

4. Have a wonderful day!!!


The Open Closed Code

If you'd love for others to join the conversation, add [JOIN] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please join these conversations! If you are okay with others joining the conversation, even though you may not be enthusiastic about it, add an [OPEN] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please only join these conversations if you have something that you'd absolutely want to say! A.k.a., don't just join for the sake of joining. (if possible, please wait 6-8 hours before responding so I have a chance to respond!) If you'd rather the conversation be just between you and me, add a [CLOSED] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please do not join these conversations. If you'd like no stalkers to even see or read the message(s), add a [PRIVATE] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please do not even view these conversations for the privacy of the users.

If there is no [JOIN], [OPEN], [CLOSED], or [PRIVATE], the thread is automatically an [OPEN] one. In emergencies, the Open Closed Code excludes administrators.

Put this in your Message Wall Greeting to apply to your Message Wall, using the code {{OCC}}.

Open for Coding Requests!

I'm open for Coding Requests! Whether it is Friend badges, "Hello Stalker" doors, or signatures, feel free to ask for help! I might not be able to help with everything, but I'll try!

If you have this badge on your profile or message wall, it means that you have a decent experience with coding and can code things when people request it. If you don't want requests, don't use this.

Use {{OpenForCodingRequests}} to put this badge on your profile/message wall!!!

All coding credits go to Sophie. If you would like to use any of the gifs, wording, etc, please message her.

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