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A cow hello

Hi and welcome to my message wall! Feel free to leave a message down below. you don't have to use the open/closed code but if someone else does please respect that. Have fun!

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Off topic but I’m sorry about the badges. I have way more then this but it was getting to be too much. I don’t think any less of you I just put a few badges on my wall so you wouldn’t have to scroll so far down. Again this doesn’t mean I think less of you

Dear Amber,


Ahhh, that was niceeeee.

Amber, le greatest Am to ever ber.

You are awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

You are also awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oh and did I meting that you are awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

I love you, Amber!!!

You have always been someone I can talk to. You were the first person that I ever told about my sexuality.

You have been there for me, day and night

You have stuck through the craziness (seriously, how can you stand me?)

And you are so awesome (I guess I already said that xD)


Put this on your profile using "For Amber" only when given to you by TheRealBianaVacker

== Chase's Best Friend! ==

Attention! If this badge is on your profile, I think of you as one of my best friends on here! (and kind of anywhere... I don't really have a life). We've probably talked late at night, RPed together, or honestly just chatted about such random things other people are worried for our sanity. You know me by one of several nicknames, and we probably have some really weird inside jokes. Thanks for being such an amazing friend!

To put this on your profile, put {{ChaseBestie}} in the source code!

✧ Starpetal's Friend! ✧

If you've received this badge, that means Starpetal considers you a great friend! You've probably roleplayed with her, sent a crazy message to her at two in the morning, or just made her feel good! She's lucky to have a friend like you, and hopes you'll accept her friendship!

To put this onto your profile, type {{StarpetalFriend}} into the source code.

Coding Credits

Starpetal's Best Friend!

If you've received this badge, thank you. This means you've been kind, funny, day-brightening, and everything in between. Starpetal considers you a best friend. An amazing one, for that matter. You've supported her, helped her, and generally been a great friend of hers. She wants you to know that she'll help and support you in any way she can, no matter the circumstance. She cares about you, and is incredibly grateful for everything you’ve done for her. She really thinks you are an amazing person to have as her friend. She'll always remember and value your friendship in a special place in her heart.

Please DO NOT use this without permission from Starpetal. To add this to your profile, type {{StarpetalBestFriend}} into the source code.

( *)-( *)Cross Breeds!( *)-( *)

If you have this, you have participated in the greatest role play of all time (well maybe not all of time XD). You have probably acquired weird nicknames, or seen Fire Bird slap Fungus Bird (multiple times I might add) You may have witnessed Saskia's amazing healing skills. Or watched Vespa be crushed in a battle of roasts. You may have even done the impossible, made Fungus BoY laugh by exploding. We have escaped from the Black Swan and The Eye of Darkness, Been tortured together, Fought together, Cooked up drama together, and even bleeded together. Heck You've probably frozen each others faces off, and puked on each other.

{{Cross Breeds Official}} to display this badge if u r Jennie, Saskia or Baitel. Content credits goes to Baitel and Color and Coding goes to Saskia

🐬 Ella's Best Friend 🐬

Congratulations! You are one of Ella's Best Friends!

This might mean you have creepily stalked her at 2 am,
or been amazing and kind to her many times!
You are very very kind, wonderful, and jazz-tastic;
All the hugs in the world to you!

To put this anywhere type { { EllasBestFriend } } into the source code
Also, please don't use this without permission from Ella!

🌺 Ella's Friend 🌺

You have this badge because Ella considers you her friend!
Maybe you have talked or something,
either way, you are Ella's friend!!

To put this anywhere type { { EllasFriend } } into the source code

Jo's Best Friend

Jo's really good friends with you! Your OCs might be in love, you might have worked together on a fanfic, shipped Kam, thought of theories, planned her wedding, or pulled an all-nighter with her! So they gave you this! Wear it proudly!

To put this on your profile, put {{Jo's Best Friend}}into the source code.

Coding Credits


If you got this badge, you are Ruby's friend!You have been kind and funny to her, and made super funny jokes that you will remember forever, and you have supported her no matter what. She really values your friendship with her, and you have been overall and awesome, funny friend. Congrats!

To put this on your profile, put {{RubyBestFriend}}into the source code.

Purrys Best Freind!

If you have this badge you have ofiically just became Purrys BFF this badge is very rare to get so fell honered for this privalage! You probally know her REALLY WELL. and have got her kill you badge A thousand times. that might be because you planned her wedding and failed:). Have eaten her *glares at Tiana* or have called her Pure hearted Purryfinns *KillS ALL WHO HAVE caLLED ME That* (Or maybe just annoyed her) For whatever resojn she feels like you deserve her BFF badge LOL Bye!

Coding Credits

To put this badge on your profile type {{Purrys BFF}} in the source code.

James's Friend!

Hello! If you now have this then I consider you a REALLY good friend. We’ve either had extended discussions that spiraled from the original subject in two minutes, connected through a few Rps, just became friends through talking on our message walls for a while or talking about shared interests, even if we didn’t become friends through any of that. I still think you deserve this. YAY YOU!

Use {{JamesBestFriend}} to put this badge on your profile!

Coding Credits

Books-are-the-Best (Sophie)'s Friend!
If you have been given this badge, then you have won Sophie's friendship. You have probably roleplayed with her, are in clubs with her, or have. She loves talking with you and thinks you're a very fun, trustworthy person. You're also probably as weird as she is. Thank you for always being there for her and being such an awesome person!!

Add this to your profile using {{Books-are-the-BEST (Sophie)'s Friend}} only when given to you by Books-are-the-BEST (Sophie)

Coding Credits

~Shady's Fren~

Hi! You are now ~Shady's~ new friend! You respect her no matter how much of a freak she is! She might reach out to you (in a non-stalker way), invite you to roleplays, and other fun stuff!

(The teal does not only mean I'm a Fitzphie [Also SoKeefe] Shipper, but it's also for allergy awerness! #Shorties#HelpSupportTheAllergiedChildren#Love#BFFs)

To put this on your profile, put {{ShadyFriend}}into the source code. Please do not use this unless ~Shady~ has given you permission to do so.

Coding Credits

🥔Oblivious Turtle's friend!🥔

If you have this Badge then Oblivious Turtle considers you her friend. You are a strange person, or maybe you're not a person. You were probably involved in the Great Insanity Incident and like potato crepes and peach tea. You've probably been on Fandom at midnight making her laugh. Under no circumstances has anybody considered you normal

To put this somewhere put, {{ObliviousturtlesFriend}}into the source code

위 베어 베어스 배경화면 아이폰 고화질 23종 ♪ 네이버 블로그 (3)

Tiana's Child!

Like it or not, you're one of Tiana's children! She's your big sister and will protect you from all da evil things out there, and calls you "child" because, well, she's a very nice big siseoooo💕 History: her first child is vic, she's the very sweet one...then..
CJ, maura, cuddo, song, char, gloria, biana, isabelllll, bright&light, preesha, sophie, rainbow, ruby, annabanana🍌, star (an orphan child as she claims), child awesome, dotty, firefly, reyna, alli, Vika, piamo, melon, ray, chloe, arty, chloe(shimmer heh), Rae, gildieeee, and crazy keefe became her child!

*gaspppp isabell and i are agreeing to thingsss what's happening*

thanks brlight for helping da code! to put this on your profile, put {{TianaChild}}

Les ours ours au-dessus que nous portons ours Wallpaper Blog Naver (2)

Tiana's Child

I am a proud member of Tiana's Children! She is da big sister and calls me child, bakes me cookies hehehe she is also very nice and protects me from all the evil things! (check her profile to see the members)
put {{TianaFamily}} in da source code 🍪

Jules Appreciates You!

You are amazing! You are a very close friend of mine, and I greatly appreciate you. You are there whenever I am sad and whenever I am having a bad day. You make me smile,laugh,and overall just make my day better. When the world is all falling apart, our friendship is the thing that will never fall apart. You are a wonderful person. Everyone on this wiki and probably in real life look up to your smiling face every day. I greatly appreciate you, and you are special. Never forget, I am here like I am here for you. During the roughest times, I will try to be here whenever you need someone: to talk to, to laugh with, to share your fanfic/stories, or to share some codes. I am here like you are there for me.

Thank you! Just know, Jules Appreciates YOU!

Your friend, Julesandherbooks(Jules)

To put this on your profile, put {{Jules Appreciates You}}into the source code.

Jules' Best Friend

Congratulations! You have been gifted the honor to be called one of Jules' Best Friends. You are an amazing person. There are some of those rare friends that just are always there to talk to when I'm bored or having a bad day, you are one of those friends. I really enjoy talking to you about books, sharing the same love of writing, reading, sharing and laughing at funny stories. You have been there for me, and you are a wonderful friend. Thanks so much.

To put this on your profile, put {{Jules' Best Friend}}into the source code.

AmusingBlushingIrishwaterspaniel-size restricted
Jules' Friend!

Hello Friend/Stalker! If you receive this, you are Jules' Friend. You might love to code and/or love to read. Just know that she is here for you if you ever need to just talk. You might be a stalker and she really loves her stalkers because they are friendly nice and supportive. She might also not know you very well, but she knows that you are an amazing person. You are a wonderful person who has been really kind, helpful, fun, and overall awesome! Thanks so much for being there to answer questions and talking about books! You might have helped her with coding, talked, or even share the love of trying to save the planet.

Type {{JulesFriend}}.
♡ Biana's BFF Badge ♡

Congratulations! You are Biana's best friend! You have made her laugh several times. You probably have roleplayed with her at least 2 times. You are an amazing, thoughtful, creative and incredible person! She is glad you are a part of her life and could not be more grateful for you. You mean the world to her and she is glad to call you her best friend.

Add this to your profile using {{Biana's BFF Badge}} when given to you by TheRealBianaVacker.
❀✵Vika's Best Friend!✵❀

If this showed up on your message wall somehow, you are one of Vika(StarsAlign4)'s best friends! She considers you an awesome person. Thank you for being your awesome self! And also, consider yourself lucky if you've received this, because Vika doesn't trust people that easily. For that reason, she must really know you if you have this!

your friend, ꧁❀➴StarsAlign4 (Vika)➶❀꧂

Please only use this if Vika has given it to you! Use {{Vika's Best Friend!}}
Vika's Friend!

If you're one of the lucky people who've received this badge, that means that I appreciate you! You may know me from a different fandom, or maybe you just had a conversation with me about who the heck knows what, or you've just been nice to me or something like that. But whatever the reason, you're a great friend ☺.

To put this somewhere, use {{VikaFriend}}
Pretty Moon

Ashley's Best Friend!

You have are one of the few to recive this badge. This means Ashley consiers you to be one of her best friends and loves to talk to you and loves you in a best friend kind of way. Anyways what she's trying to tell you is that she is honored to be you her best friend. Also she would to thank you for being there for her!.

To put this on your profile, put {{Ashley's Best Friend}}into the source code. Coding Credits Only put this on your profile if you have permission from Ashley

♡ ❀ Sophie's Friend Badge! ❀♡

If Sophie has given you this friend badge, congrats! You have won over her friendship!!! You have been loyal, kind, and funny, and she can trust you! She likes chatting about Keeper of the Lost Cities, Harry Potter, or just about anything with you, and you have been trustworthy. She also appreciates your friendship and you are someone she can depend on and thinks amazing. She hopes that this friendship will continue for a long time! Keep it up!!!

Use {{SophieFoster11'sFriend}} to put this badge on your profile!
ScentedRedAmericancurl-size restricted

Livvy's Friend!

If you have received this, it means that Livvy considers you an amazing friend! She really enjoys chatting, roleplaying, being weird, spamming songs, or any odd thing you come up with. You probably have a nickname for her and some inside jokes! Some people might even hang out with her at 1 in the morning for fun. (LOL) She hopes you enjoy hanging out with her as much as she does with you. She wants you to know how much she appreciates you!

Do not add this to your profile without LovelyLadyF's permission To put this onto your profile, type {{Livvy's Friend}} into the source code.

Claire's Friend!

Yay! If you have this badge, it means Claire thinks of you as her friend! You have probably role played with me, let me talk to you for hours on end, or let me into you clubs. Whatever the reason, you are a wonderful, kind, amazing person and I will always be here for you. Thank you for putting up with my weirdness. XD

Please do not use if not given to you by 900%sokeefe. If I have given it to you, type {{Claire'sFriend}} into the source code to put it somewhere.

Coding Credits

Preesha’s Best Friend
If you have received this that means I (Preesha) consider you an AMAZING FRENN!!!! You’ve probably had a bunch of weird conversations with me XD. You’ve always been there for me and helped me whenever I needed it...AND I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!! I cherish every second we spend together!! Here, have a potato XD 🥔

{{Preesha’s Best Friend}} to use

Coding Credits

Ashley's Friend

By having this badge on your profile, you've won HydrokineticGirl101's friendship! This means that she considers you an amazing friend! You've known her for some time or time cause that's what she does cause she's crazy. She either talked on her wall with you or your wall most of the time, on a fanfic or just thinks your a nice person in general. She is proud to call you a friend

To put this on your profile, put {{AshleyFriend}}into the source code.Only put this on your profile if you have permission from Ashley.

Coding Credits

The Insanity Cult

Join us in being our insane selves! In order to join, all you have to do is comment on one of our insanity threads, posted below. YOU CANNOT BE NORMAL TO JOIN! Just be your random, insane, potato-y self! Wear this badge of honor PROUDLY!

Our Threads


To put this wherever you feel like putting it, type {{InsanityCult}} into the source code!

Coding Credits

The Gruntled Squad

We are the Gruntled Squad! We are part of a series of crazy talk threads with insane names. Warning: We are all insane! Join us if you dare!

Rae, Chase, Ashley (inactive on this thread), Amber, SnS(inactive), Biana, Tara, Bell, Ruby, Summer, Nat, Jo, Clare, Fire, Sophie Alla, Linh, Angel, Ari, Noah, ♡Azzy♡, Kira, Cheerio/Cheezy, Midnight, Rainbow, Joey/Rae, Cuddo, Jag/Jaguar, Vika, Aria, Claire(inactive), Gildie

Coding Credits 1, Coding Credits 2

The Current Thread

If you are a member of this insane group of people- or are we people? put this on your profile. To put this on your profile, type {{The Gruntled Squad}} into the source code.

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