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  • I was gonna make the SMARTER A SOKEEFE STORY a group fanfic. Would you like to be in it.

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  • HI, I just wanted to let you know that I updated my fic for today if you wanted to read it! (This is Lynn Athena) I also wanted to ask you if you wrote a fic? I honestly am obsessed with KOTLC

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  • Welcome to the wiki

    Here are some questions don't feel you have to answer them:

    1.Who's your favourite character or characters? Mine are Tam Keefe and Ro.

    2.Who do you ship? I ship SoKeefe Dexiana Lyile Tarella and Faruca.

    3.What pronouns do you use? I use She/her.

    4.What do you want me to call you? Call me Ashley.

    5.What are your favourite books? Mine are Legacy and Nightfall.

    6.What are your favourite colors? Mine are Blue Black and White.

    7.What are your favourite animals? Mine are wolves, Alicorns and dogs.

    If you need any coding help I can help or some other people across this wiki can!

    HydrokineticGirl101 ([Ashley]) Coding Credits

    HydrokineticGirl101 (Ashley )

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  • HEY! My names Chloe/ Orgeprincess! If your getting this then A. I read your fanfic B. You read mine C. I saw you somewhere and liked you! I really want to get to know you and become friends so here's some questions! Hope we can become great friends! :

    1) Whats your fave book in the KOTLC series? Mine are Flashbacks and legacy

    2) Who do you ship? I ship SOKEEFE all the way! Along with dainna and lylie

    3) Who's your fave characters? Mine are Ro, Keefe, Sophie, and Bainna

    4) Did you ever watch Descendents were dove cameron, Sofie carson, booboo stewart, and the late cameron are in it? If so did you like it? I LOVE that movie! Well 1, 2, and 3! 

    4) Do you have hobbies? I love to draw, sing, act, write, read ( Duh) and go carzy for sports!

    5) What are you in Elimenrty, Middle, Or high school? I'm in middle first year! Well I'm done this year so I guess second year ( 7th)

    6) How do you look? ( Don't need to answer if to personal) I have long red hair, green eyes, and a million freckles! ( Wich I hate!) 

    Well thats it and again I can't wait to become great friends!

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  • First Warning
    You have violated one of the wiki's policies or gone against a guideline. It may be that you have cursed, been rude or offensive, vandalized a page, bullied, or not have adhered to the editing/page guidelines. This will remain on your history, and influence any further consequences. Please review the KoTLC Wiki Policies and Guidelines.

    Please remember to get approval before making a club :)

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  • LfWziZ

    Hi & Welcome to the wiki!!!


    Hi and welcome to the wiki, Sokeefe4eve! I'm SophieFoster11(Sophie's my real name). First, make sure you know the rules. So, to get to know each other, I have a few questions! Of course, you don't have to answer them if you don't want to. :)

    1.Who are your favorite characters? Mine are Sophie, Fitz, Biana, and Dex!

    2. What pronouns do you use? I use she/her.

    3. Favorite books? Mine are Flashback and Legacy

    4. Favorite Iggy colors? I like the latest one.

    5. Favorite ships? I ship Sophitz, Dexiana, Lylie, Tarella, and Leefe.

    6. Would you like me to code a friend badge for you? Some examples of my coding: My friend badge, Great Gulon Incident Petition, Isabella (LoveSokeefeForever)'s Wedding Invite, and many more!

    Have fun here!!!


    Helpful Users!


    ✦Please note that this is not an automated message, but prewritten.✦

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  • Hi and welcome to this wiki! I’m sure you will be a great addition! My names Anna. If you need anything or have any questions you can ask me! I want to get to know you so I’m going to ask some questions, you don’t have to answer, you will probably get a lot of these messages.

    1, what should I call you?

    2, what pronouns should I use for you?

    3, favorite books?

    4, favorite characters from Kotlc?

    5, who do you ship in Kotlc?

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    Hello, and welcome to the wiki! I'm Ruby! Here are some questions to get to know you better! Remember, these questions are optional!

    1. What are your pronouns? Mine are she/her!

    2. Who's your favorite character? Mine is Tam, Linh, Biana, and Marella!

    3. What's your favorite animal? Mine are cats and dogs!

    4. What's your ability? Mine is Empath and Shade!

    5. What are your hobbies? Mine is reading, writing, drawing, and baking!

    6. Who do you ship? I ship Tiana, Lylie, Sokeefe, and Kam!

    7. Favorite books? Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Keeper of the Lost cites!

    8. Do you want me to code you a friend badge?

    Have fun on the wiki!

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