Snowfur ta Murcat

aka Kitty :)

  • I live in A place where I listen to Kpop, doodle, and go on the computer for endless days. AKA my imagination, which is very crazy.
  • My occupation is To wake up far too early and fall asleep in classes :) (XD) (but that is so true) Oh yea, and go on FANDOM XD
  • I am A Sleepless Female Who Is Constantly Needing Her Computer (XD)
  • Bio Hi! I'm Kitty, I love Kpop, doodling, and dancing! I fall asleep in class a lot because I wake up at 1 am (yes, ik, I am crazy), so I get billions of detentions. I hope I will be more active when school starts, but idk yet, so I'm still waiting.

    A bit more info about me:

    Warriors Name: Snowfur (obviously) or Snowkit, or Snowpaw, or Snowstar (if I be that old xD)

    WoF name: Mango (Rainwing) or Snow (Icewing) :)

    HP house: Ravenclaw :)

    I am a Blink, InSomnia, Once, MIDZY, and FOREVER!

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When school starts should I still get on in the night?

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Feel free to message me on my message wall for just about anything! Whether it's a long ramble, or just anything else, I will get to it in a day :) 

I am also open for spamming requests! Just message me how many pages you want! :) Or you can spam me. I need more pages. Hehe.

I am a decent coder, and I am always here to talk! (well, unless I'm on vacation.)

How you like that~Blackpink

Paradise~Siyeon of Dreamcatcher

Monster~Irene and Seulgi of Red Velvet (this is will take like a minute before any actual music. Idk why.)

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