• Bio Hi, fellow homo sapiens (or so I assume...?). Clearly you have wandered to the mess that is my page, so... welcome! All you need to know is that I like to draw. And read. And go on random tangents.
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Hiya! Message me with anything you want to ask, even if it's just to say hi! Really, I need more people to talk to here qwq
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  • I'm Keefecrazy, but you can call me keefe! 

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  • Okay, so I was messeged this chain through a friend. It basically spreads kindness, and you have to spread the message to 15 kind people.

    Hi. We are friends, and will go through all of life together, struggles together, and good times together. If you die, I won't be at your funeral. I'll be in jail for killing the person who killed you. We will be friends until the end of time. You must send this message to 15 of the kindest, nicest people ever, otherwise you will turn super ugly in one year.  If you do send this message to 15 kind people someone will realize they love you at midnight. The next day they will call you. So you must send this message to 15 kind people. You cannot send it on group chats.

    So I had to send it to 15 people, and you are one of them! Now you have to send the message to 15 kind people!

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    • Thank you so much!

      I'll be sure to spread the chain! <3

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  • ~Shady Friend~

    Hi! You are now ~Shady's~ new friend! You respect her no matter how much of a freak she is! She might reach out to you (in a non-stalker way), invite you to roleplays, and other fun stuff!

    (The teal does not only mean I'm a Fitzphie [Also SoKeefe] Shipper, but it's also for allergy awerness! #Shorties#HelpSupportTheAllergiedChildren#Love#BFFs)

    To put this on your profile, put {{ShadyFriend}}into the source code. Please do not use this unless ~Shady~ has given you permission to do so.

    Coding Credits

    I thought that the Polaris stuff that you came up with was really, super smart, and I want to be your friend

    (Sorry if this is weird lol)



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    • Aw! Tysm! I'd love to be your friend as well!

      Sadly (very sadly :c) I don't have a friend badge, BUT when I eventually do get around to making one, I'll send one to you as well!

      Ty again and I hope we can talk in the future! :)

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    • Thanks! :333


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I really liked your star thing: can you add on to it on this page so that we don't get reported

    (No worries if you can't, tho)

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  • hello!

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  • So I mentioned someone betraying my trust and you asked me about it and I wanted to go ahead and tell you about it.

    This happened over the course of about 8 months and started about 14 months ago: So, I have two friends. We were talking about a cute little girl and one of my friends said if you are cute as a kid you'll be ugly when you're older. I said "well, I wasn't ugly as a kid and look at me now." (I don't think I'm pretty but I would never call myself ugly, I'm just kinda that person who blends into everthing) and she said "Actually, you just prove my point". I think I just said something like "Ouch" and moved on. At that point several girls were stabbing each other in the back and so I figured it would pass. But I avoided getting too close to her. That same day the other girl told me that she was only pretending to be friends with the first girl bc he first gave really nice birthday presents and she had a birthday coming up.

    Then a month or so later, the 2nd girl told me my face was uglier than my shoes...

    Now, here I want to explain I don't want to cut ties and burn bridges. I want to be nice to them no matter what and hopefully when they're older they see the ways they acted and appreciate me for it, so I kept being as kind as I thought I could manage.

    A month or so after, the second one was talking to me and I mentioned not liking chocolate ice cream and she said "I don't like you." So I grit my teeth and stayed as kind as I could.

    Then a month later she told me no one likes me.

    A little while later she told me that she was only pretending to be friends with another girl we knew bc that girl gave her nice presents.

    Now the second one just makes snide comments and I never know where I stand with them. I never know if they'll only get nicer or if they're about to say something rude.

    No matter what,


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    • Oh! So sorry I didn't respond to this!

      Aw, that's so sad! I'm so sorry this hapepned to you. Those comments aren't okay. Whoever the second girl is, her relationship with you sounds very hard- honestly, I wouldn't keep them as a friend. Especially if this behavior is very repetitive. Constantly berating you with rude comments like that isn't okay, especially if she's supposed to be your friend.

      I'm not entirely sure how to deal with this situation... but I think you might have to cut ties with her, or at least tell her that these comments hurt you. She might be making these remarks thinking that she's teasing, and occasionally going overboard. Tell her how you feel, and depending on how she responds... well, that's the true test of whether she actually is your friend.

      Here's a video I think might help you with this girl,

      Again, so sorry I didn't respond sooner, and I hope you can work things out. You'll always have people on here to help you, if you need any.

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  • Sry for the late welcome, but hi!! I’m Alex. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  • Hi and welcome!

    Heya there, Slinkizy!

    Welcome to the wiki! To get started, please take a look at the Administration list and read the rules! They're not too complicated or hard to follow; most are a specific part of "use common sense." If you're super new to FANDOM, I suggest doing this little interactive intro. It includes how to use FANDOM and some introductory wikicode lessons! You can call me Char and use she/her pronouns for me. I hope that you have a FANTABULOUS time here! You can ask me any questions that you want, and although I am a mentor, I may not know the answers to all of them. Sorry!

    I'd love to get to know you! I'll try my best to respond ASAP, but I often go on inactive streaks. What do you want me to call you and what pronouns do you use? Next are a few completely-optional-to-answer KotLC related questions, that I hope can be used for us to get to know each other better: Who’s your favorite Keeper character? Who all do you ship? What's your favorite ability? Favorite KotLC book? Favorite event in that book or another?

    Anyway, have a great time!


    If you've found this secret message, please message me on my wall! Don't tell anyone about it, though.
    ✦Please note that this is not an automated message, although it was prewritten.✦
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    • Hi! Sorry I was so late, I didn't notice this message!

      Thanks for welcoming me!

      So, first off I use she/her pronouns, and my favorite characters are Keefe, Linh, Marella, Tam, and Sophie. I have a few ships, but I guess my OTP is Sokeefe, but I also ship Lylie, Tiana and Dexiana (I honestly have no idea between the two), and Chandlefitz. I also partly ship Solinh (so cute!).

      My favorite ability(ies) are Enhancing, Emapthy, Mesmering, Shades, and Hydrokinesis. Favorite books... hmm, that's a hard one, but it's probably a tie between Neverseen, Nightfall, and Legacy. I agree with you on Flashback- a bit too much emotional mush for my tastes (plus, Fitzphie, but that's more personal).

      Favorite book events- honestly just really nuanced scenes. I'm a sucker for those, which is probably why I like all the books listed above.

      Thank you for the welcome! And SO sorry for being late to respond :(((


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  • Hi Slinkizy, and welcome to the wiki! I’m Lucy. I use she/her pronouns. What pronouns do you use? Who are your favorite characters? Mine are Linh, Marella and Biana. What are your favorite ships? Have you read Legacy? What do you want me to call you? I would love to get to know you better!

    Something you should do is read the rules. Just something important to do! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me - I might not know the answer, but I'll do my best to find it for you!

    Anyways, have a great time on the wiki!

    Side note: I love your profile picture! Did you draw it?

    (Please note that this is a prewritten message, not a bot)

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    • Hi! You can call me Renee or Aria, but I also just go by Slink/Izy.

      I use she/her pronouns as well, and my favourite ships are Keefe and Sophie and Linh and Wylie! :) I have read Legacy, and, have just started to appreciate the subtle details in Ro's conversations.

      Also, on a side note, thanks for the compliment on my profile pic! I didn't draw it, but I do draw in my spare time. You might see a change in the picture soon :))

      Thank you for welcoming me!

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    • Hi Izy!

      Sorry for the very very very very very very late reply. I am awful at answering messages.

      How did you like Legacy?

      Yes Ro is great

      Cool! I love drawing too!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello! Welcome to the wiki!

    My name is Zoe and you can call me anything related to books! If you feel brave enough, you can message me and give me an amazing new one!

    What's your favourite ship? I personally ship Sokeefe, Sopockets and Tiana! Who's your favourite character? I personally love Keefe and Tam XD. I absolutely love books and you can talk to me about almost anything related to them (especially Shadowhunters ➰🖤)

    I'm open to everything from chatting, general talking, anything about books and KoTLC, coding requests and general friend requests! I would love to be your online wiki friend!

    I hope you have a great time here and if you have any inquiries, just message me anytime! (Though I do have school and the problem of different timezones so there might be a delay in my responses)

    - Bookperson

    (Please note that this is a prewritten message and not a bot command :)

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    • Hi! My name is Renee, but you can call me Aria or Slink. I also ship Sokeefe, and Lylie, and of course, I ship Fitz with the Chandelier (such a beautiful relationship)!

      I'd love to talk to you, and thank you for welcoming me into the fandom!

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    • I agree. They have so much if a connection, you're very welcome!

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    • A FANDOM user
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