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You Can Talk to Me

I know that the world can get you down, or... you could get you down, but just know that I AM HERE FOR YOU! No matter what it is, feel free to rant on and on and on about whatever! I can honestly say that... ...I understand a lot of things. Though I may not be able to understand everything I will still be determined to help you through whatever you're going through, or just listen. I may not have the answers for everything, but I truly just want you to feel safe and enjoy life. I will keep whatever you tell me to myself, and will not treat you differently after you tell me anything.

-I understand if you use profanity, but please make sure you have a warning at the top of your message (It is also preferred that you use *s, but whatever floats your boat, I guess!

-If things get too intense (via things like physical abuse, suicide, ect.), please know that I will be required to notify an admin, but I really hope it doesn't get to that.

-Remember that no matter what, there's always someone out there that cares about you, I care about you, the FANDOM cares about you, the admins care about you, there are so many people that care about you and love you in so many different ways.

So... yeah, I think that's it.

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  • The Advocate personality type is very rare, making up less than one percent of the population(I is a rare specimen), but they nonetheless leave their mark on the world(good...). Advocates have an inborn sense of idealism and morality, but what sets them apart is that they are not idle dreamers. These individuals are capable of taking concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting positive impact.(sounds true)

    People with this personality type tend to see helping others as their purpose in life. Advocates can often be found engaging in rescue efforts and doing charity work.(hmm, yeah, I voulinteer a lot) However, their real passion is to get to the heart of the issue so that people need not be rescued at all.(sounds right)

    Advocates indeed share a unique combination of traits. Though soft-spoken(very), they have very(very) strong opinions and will fight tirelessly for an idea they believe in.(sounds exacto-ly like me) They are decisive and strong-willed, but will rarely use that energy for personal gain.

    Advocates will act with creativity, imagination, conviction, and sensitivity(much sensitivity, at least in my case) not to create an advantage, but to create balance. Egalitarianism and karma are very attractive ideas to Advocate personalities. These types tend to believe that nothing would help the world so much as using love and compassion to soften the hearts of tyrants.(Hmm, I guess, yeah. *nods along*)

    Really, though, it is most important for people with the Advocate personality type to remember to take care of themselves. The passion of their convictions is perfectly capable of carrying them past their breaking point. If their zeal gets out of hand, they can find themselves exhausted, unhealthy, and stressed.(*nods along*)

    This becomes especially apparent when Advocates find themselves up against conflict and criticism. Their sensitivity forces these personalities to do everything they can to evade these seemingly personal attacks. When the circumstances are unavoidable, however, they can fight back in highly irrational, unhelpful ways.(maybe???)

    To Advocates, the world is a place full of inequity(YES!) – but it doesn’t have to be(agreed). No other personality type is better suited to create a movement to right a wrong, no matter how big or small.(too true, I donate money to 2 organizations each year, and want to donate more and help out with something specific, but thre are too many things wrong with the world, I can't choose) Advocates just need to remember that while they’re busy taking care of the world, they need to take care of themselves, too.(too true)

    Dat was da introduction!

    More to come eventually!

    ~Another Oblivious Turtle

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    • . :D

      - Musical Moonlark

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    • Strengths and weaknesses!!!!!!


      • Creative – Combining a vivid imagination with a strong sense of compassion, Advocates use their creativity to resolve not technical challenges, but human ones. People with the Advocate personality type enjoy finding the perfect solution for someone they care about. This strength makes them excellent counselors and advisors.(hmm, true, I guess. good? I guess I'm a good counselor even though I need one...IDK how I feel about that...)
      • Insightful – Seeing through dishonesty and disingenuous motives, Advocates step past manipulation and sales tactics and into a more honest discussion. Advocate personalities see how people and events are connected. They are then able to use that insight to get to the heart of the matter.(huh. interesting. true, I believe.)
      • Inspiring and Convincing – Speaking in human terms, not technical, Advocates have a fluid, inspirational writing style that appeals to the inner idealist in their audience. Advocates can even be astonishingly good orators, speaking with warmth and passion. This is especially true if they are proud of what they are speaking for.(Hmm, I'm inspirational? speaking in human terms...  hmm, well, in a debate about a topic, though it depends on the topic, I often debate on the moral side of things rather than the technical side of things...does that reflect what they're saying in this paragraph?)
      • Decisive – Advocates’ creativity, insight, and inspiration are able to have a real impact on the world. This is because they are able to follow through on their ideas with conviction, willpower, and the planning necessary to see complex projects through to the end. People with the Advocate personality type don’t just see the way things ought to be; they act on those insights.(true, I guess, I act on the things I see wrong)
      • Determined and Passionate – When Advocates come to believe that something is important, they pursue that goal with a conviction and energy that can catch others off-guard. Advocates will rock the boat if they must. Not everyone likes to see this, but their passion for their chosen cause is an inseparable part of the Advocate personality.(true, once I find a way to act on it... what exactly do they mean by rock the boat...? the problem is, I can't choose a cause, there are tooo manyyyyyy)
      • Altruistic – These strengths are used for good. Advocates will not engage in any actions or promote beliefs just to benefit themselves. They have strong beliefs and take the actions that they do because they are trying to advance an idea that they truly believe will make the world a better place.(true)

      Ta daaaaa!!! I is done wif part two!!!

      ~Another Oblivious Turtle

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    • Intorosting!!! :)

      - Musical Moonlark

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    • yesh

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • nope

    - Musical Moonlark

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  • apparently my personality type is a campaigner, aka ENFP-T


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    • wrote:XD ok.

      ~Another Oblivious Turtle

      lol its oki

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • So... if it's okay wif you, I'm planning on doing some self-research (wow, that sounds so deep--) kinda like what you're doing (okay, exactly like what you're doing) and of course, I would give you all de credit for the idea and stuffs, but also, I has a question: Where are you even finding all of Google's "people also asked" thingies? I know what they are and how to get to them, XD, but... actually, I'll rephrase - it's more like, what questions are you seraching in Google that pull up these types of related searches? You don't have to answer if you don't want (because I know how extremely strange this is--) but... yeah. 

    ...I'm so cringy sometimes! :D

    - Musical Moonlark 

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  • INFJ Researches: Google Version Part Six

    Google: People also search for

               What should you not say to an INFJ

    Me: Oh, lots of things--

    Google: “Calm down!” ...

    Me: I don't really care for that phrase, but it can really tick me off if I'm REALLY upset (especially with that !)

    Google: “You're just not trying hard enough.” ...

    Me: BOI DON'T EVEN--

    Google: “I'm fine.” — when you know you aren't. ...

    Me: Omigosh that is the most annoying thing in the world

    Google: “No one will ever understand you.” ...

    Me: *Cries* DoN't RuB iT iN

    Google: “You're doing too much.” ...

    Me: Wdym

    Me: Doing too much what...?

    Google: “You make it difficult to love you.” ...

    Me: ...

    Me: ...

    Me: ...

    Me: *Cue INFJ Door Slam*

    Google: “You're so boring.

    Me: I get that a lot

    Also me: *Dies inside*

    I really do get that a lot, though... X'D

    Google: People also search for

                What happens when you betray INFJ

    Me: *Cackles evily and rubs hands together*

    Me: Nothing

    Me: I isolate myself and cry myself asleep.

    Me: But I'll dream of confronting you.

    Me: You're welcome.

    Google: When someone that they care for betrays the INFJ they feel extremely hurt. If the person's actions were very intense the INFJ may feel very angry towards them and want to lash out. INFJs can be very intense individuals when they are angry and are capable of truly making others regret their betrayal.Nov 27, 2015

    Me: Key word: "want"

    Google: People also search

               What does an INFJ Door Slam feel like?

    Me: Well, it depends on the extremeness (?????) of the situation. Sometimes I just stop talking (assuming I've probably done it a latte before...) to that person and avoid them (it also depends on said person's identity...), or I "lock" (I don't have a lock...) myself in my room, sometimes blast music through a speaker or through my headphones, usually breakup, depressed, and/or angry music that isn't too annoying. I wouldn't really feel like eating and I would just sit in the dark... there... and of course I would feel a huge poof of emotions, but not typically at the person, more at myself. Sometimes I'm angry at them, sometimes I'm frustrated with them, sometimes I'm disappointed with them, and sometimes I'm just emotionally conflicted with myself and that person just makes me turn over the edge. I don't know, like I said, it depends on the person and situation. But it can also be so subtle that nobody notices. Like, one time I got legit upset with one of my best friends for a legit reason. I didn't talk to them all day, ignored everyone and ate my lunch quietly, since we only eat lunch with each other (unless someone sits at our table). Only one of my friends noticed, who was my bestest friend at the time (she's homeschooled now and we don't talk much...), and she asked if I was okay. I shrugged and said that I was just "depressed", and she kept pushing just a tiny bit, but she got the message. It happened another time, with the same friend, except, once again at lunch it was one of my other friends who noticed (So friend 1 was my bestest friend, but she was gone by this time, friend 2 was the one I was upset with, and friend 3 was the one who noticed the second time). The same thing happened. The friend that I was upset with clearly didn't notice.

    Google: INFJs slam the door when they have been deeply wounded. They slam the door when they can no longer tolerate a person's toxicity. They do it to protect themselves from further hurt. If the door has been slammed on you, it's because the INFJ saw no other way of stopping the emotional pain you were causing them.Jun 27, 2018

    Me: Exactly.

    Google: People also search

               Are INFJs forgiving?

    Me: Well, yeah, I can't really say no if someone apologizes (unless they're, like, my sister...) but I'll kind of always hold a grudge (and dislike holding that grudge) until I've forgotten about it. A lot of people have faulted me and apologized and I forgave them immeidantly (99% of the time).

    Google: INFJINFJs often struggle with forgiveness, especially when someone has hurt them multiple times. They will usually forgive someone over and over again, until they cannot take it any longer. Once an INFJ has reached this point, they have a hard time letting go of their grudge.Jan 2, 2017

    ​​​​​Me: I haven't reached that point because I keep forgetting (I'm very forgetful...)...

    Google: People also search

               What to do if an INFJ is mad at you?

    Me: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Let me come to you. If I'm mad and go to my room, do not go near me, do not slip me notes, no nothing. Nopee. If I go outside for once, pretend it's normal. Do not act out of the ordinary. 

    Google: Reduce sensory stimulation. ...

    Me: What dat?

    Me: *Looks up "sensory stimulation"

    Me: Ohhh yes please do, thank you! (UGH RHYMING--)

    Google: Give them some time alone to think and process emotions.

    Me: Like I said before. (It could take 5 minutes to 32 hours...)

    Google: Give them a break from non-essential responsibilities.


    Google: Let them “vent” and promise that you won't judge them.

    Me: Okay, so yes, please let me vent, just let me vent alone, though. It'd be cool if you promised not to judge me, but the timing has to be right.

    Google: Buy a journal so that they can write down their thoughts.

    Me: That helps a lot, but sometimes I just don't care for that.



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  • INFJ Researches: Google Version Part Five

    Google: People also search for

                Are INFJs dramatic?

    Me: *Cackles evily* ("Scripted" drama, like *certain* shipping and certain plot drama, then si)

    Google: INFJs tend to truly dislike certain kinds of drama, but might find themselves involved in it involuntarily. People often come to their INFJ friends with all of their life and relationship drama, in hopes that they will help them. This interest in caring for others is what drags the INFJ into the drama of other people.Aug 25, 2017

    Me: wOw why is this me--

    Google: People also search for

               How do INFJs dress

    Me: I like to be comfy, not have anything weird-feeling. I likes to wear black combat boots, sandals (when it's hot out), flip-flops as slippers (dOn'T jUdGe Me), any boot, really, usually black, hoodies, especially when I'm upset, I don't typically like to wear short sleeves, but if it's hot out I will. I kinda like wearing crop tops, especially when it's hot out (sue me), uhhh ohhh! My scarves. I love to wear scarves when it's fall-winter-ish. I likes high ponytails. If I'm lazy, I'll put on some leggings (usually black), and some shirt or something. I don't usually wear dresses, but if I do, it's usually for something that usually requires "dressing up", even though I like looking at dresses...  depending where I am and the people around me, I like to wear a cap, I LOVE to wear shorts (not, like, cargo shorts, tho...), and if I wear a skirt it's usually "shorter", or a little higher than mid-thigh, but it's a short... (I wear skorts a latte....), sometimes I like to wear paper clips in my hair and dress in all black when I'm moody, and it kinda feels weird to leave my arms exposed ngl... 

    (wOw now you know how I dress...)


    INFJs tend to dress somewhat artsy. They put effort into the way they dress. Women may wear something floaty, flowery, long skirts, short skirts, and jewelry. ... The way they dress represents their eclectic taste in style, and it also shows their inner confidence.Apr 1, 2019

    Me: XD Well we got short skirts but that's iT XD XD

    Google: People also searched

                Why are INFJs so quiet?

    Me: wHY did I just internally scream--

    Google: An INFJ who appears quiet/shy/reserved usually appears that way when they either don't know the people they are surrounded by or they don't trust them. It's usually because they are guarded until they are sure they can trust other people, which is often interpreted by others as being anything from shy to snobby.

    Me: Well, I mean, yah, but those aren't the only reasons...

    Me: iTs JuSt HaRd OkAy--

    Google: People also searched

               Will an INFJ cheat?

    Me: Even if I wanted to... no, not really...

    Google: Cheating violates the very core of who an INFJ is: authentic, loyal, and nurturing. If a healthy INFJ “cheats”, it looks more like an INFJ asking you for consent to love another person before they actually do anything (so it's not actually cheating if you consent to it).

    Me: Oh wait were they talking relationships? Lol still applies tho--

    Google: People also searched

               What makes an INFJ angry?

    Me: How much time do you have? So, like when someone is a hypocrate, *mind blanks* when my mind blanks... Idk, it really just depends on what mood I'm in...

    Google: Because INFJs are so naturally aware of harmony levels and emotional needs, they are irritated by people who seem tactless, rude, mean-spirited, troll-ish, or unnecessarily disruptive. In situations where someone is corrupting the emotional atmosphere for their own selfish gains, an INFJ can become severely angered.Feb 13, 2020

    Me: Thank you for filling in (some of) the blanks, Googlé

    Google: People also searched

               Why are INFJs unhappy in marriage?

    Me: Well, *cough*, I don't want to get married, so...

    Google: INFJs are also the most likely to have marital dissatisfaction.


    Me: Oh, marital, not material...

    Me: *Looks up marital*

    Me: IT'S NOT A WORD--

    Me: I'm going with the autocorrect material, then, hehe...


    Google:  High standards for a loving relationship inevitably mean high chances of dissatisfaction with that relationship. Everyone has control over their own unrealistic views.

    Me: I have high standards *tosses hair* but no mans will satisfy them.

    Google: People also searched

               What do INFJs do for fun?

    Me: Uhmmmmm, well, I...

    Me: *Thinks*

    Me: I do OI (Oral Interpretation)

    Me: I do FANDOM, all dat mooseec (music) stuffs, I *try* at art, sometimes, and I uh, read, write, sInG (I seperate from music because ReAsOnS), uhhhhhhh go on my phone, read webtoons, cook, watch TV, uhm...... quizzes (of any type). Uhhhhhhhhh Idrk depends on the day, mood, and time--

    Google: When INFJs don't “appease” Se they can become poorly-developed and out-of-balance. Taking occasional breaks to do something thrilling and interactive can inspire them and give them a burst of energy. This can be anything from deep-sea diving to trying a new food or traveling to a new part of the world.Nov 11, 2018

    Me: Once again, Googlé filled in the blanks, just not as extreme for me XD (I'm just a kiddddd)(kid=teenager)



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  • Okay so for those of you who don't understand what's going on with all of my INFJ posts, I thought I made a post about it, but I guess it didn't post (dang that's a lotta posts--), so here it is again:

    So basically I was looking up personality types for my OC, Akari Mendlixz, and I was like "Hm, I relate to this" and it jUsT sO hApPeNeD to be the "rarest" personality type. Idk. Things like that don't really happen to me, but hey, why not? So I've been researching it and so far it's a "match"...


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    • iNtErEsTiNg

      Two people I know are INFJ's also, so... idek why I thought that was important to share, XDDD

      I is an INFP(-T) and... I believe that's what you got on your personality test (that I had you take-- XD) but you know yourself better than a personality test does! (probably, lol)

      - Musical Moonlark

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    • Idk it kept asking me stuff like "do yo often dream of the future" and just rephrase it over and overand voer


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • INFJ Researches: Google Version Part Four

    Google: People also searched for

               Are INFJs old souls

    Me: I don't know what that is exactly but "old"

    Me: I'm only 13-16

    Me: Please doughnut call me old, Googlé

    Me: *Whispers* Please...

    Google: "INFJs are “old souls.” Many grow up feeling wiser than would be predicted by their chronological age. Having discovered the value of their Introverted Intuition (Ni) quite early in life, INFJs grow to trust its judgments and insights. ... "

    Google: "INFJs see two people in everyone."

    Me: Wow, Googlé, you really played me for half of it.

    Me: I just need to determine how "wise" I am...

    Me: ...


    Google: People also searched for

               How do you win an INFJ

    Unnamed (1)

    Me: *Slowly opens tab thingie*

    The first thing I see: "Approach me like a cat"


    Google: 23 INFJs Explain Exactly How To Win Their Type Over

    Me: "Their 'Type'"...?

    Google: 1. “Approach me like a cat would to an unknown object. ...

    Me: ...

    Me: *Imagines this (but more stealthy):*


    Google: 2. “I need to be able to trust you. ...

    Me: dUH

    Google: 3. “Actively listen and engage in conversation. ...

    Me: Yes please I'm not good with conversation (and I get anxiety if I just *have* to keep talking and everyone else is really, really quiet...)

    Google: 4.“Answer all my questions honestly – and don't make a move too soon. ...

    Me: Well duh, answer honestly~I'm a good lie detector tbh--and yah I wanna be good friends before anything else (Lol even though I don't wants to be in a relationship...)

    Google: 5. “I usually feel an affinity towards someone right away or not.

    Me: ...What's an affinity? Is it like... a connection? If so then yah.



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    • Ughhh when you realize that this is more of a post about "how to win me over" (please don't--) rather than a meme...

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    • A FANDOM user
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