Princess of the Pages

aka Adrienna or Adri

  • I live in Netflix, YouTube, The Lost Cities, Narnia, Hogwarts, and etc.
  • My occupation is My electronic device
  • I am Female
  • Bio Birthdate = Aries
    Lives in = America
    Gender = Female
    Hobbies = Loves to read books and play the piano and violin!
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Free Stalking Zone!
If it is not a private or hidden message, feel free to stalk (or continue stalking). It is a free stalking zone! Have a good day, stalker!

Adorable lisa

Look at this cinnamon roll

Hi! Welcome to Princess of Page's (Adri's) message wall! If you want to ask me something or just stalk, feel free to! Adri may not always get back to you on your messages the first second you post it, but within 48 hours, it will likely be seen. Hope you have a great time here!  Also, please don't read messages with [private] on them.
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