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  • so satisfying to look at! I wish I could eat it right up!

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  • Hey peeps who happen to be reading this! I've not been very active recently- someone- "NAH! DUH! WE HAVEN'T NOTICED-" -because I honestly just needed a break. I'm too lazy to- someone- "YOU SURE ARE, I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU ANYMORE-" -explain further, but know that though I rarely visit nowadays, I'm not dead.  Just wanted to let you know that I didn't die. someone- "...Okay. Bye...?" Seeya later- maybe when the next book comes out! someone- *has already left* Sorry if that was disappointing... I don't really know what to say. Here, *sends virtual hug* *you feel a kind embrace warming your heart* That should do it. Seeya!

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  • We haven't talked in a long time. Any chance you remember me?

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    • I do remember you! I'm just not very active anymore. ): Sorry for taking so long to reply!

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    • Hi I'm sorry to interrupt but she isn't here anymore I guess her parents found out she had a account when she shouldn't have and again sorry 

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  • Hi! Come to the balance roleplay we are starting at 2:30!! Also, can i call you waffle? 

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    • Hi! Sorry I missed it. I have summer camp. It was the reason I could only roleplay on the weekend. Also, sure! Waffle is a good nickname haha!

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  • The puppies you sent were recieved and made me much happier after a bad day. :) thanks.

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  • Hello! I just wanted to let you know that you have a dead link on your profile—Template:IshipSokeefe doesn't exist. Template:FosterKeefe exists, though, if you want to change it to that!

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  • Your medals weren't showing up because your username was put in wrong, but I fixed it! :)

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    • Thank you so much!! I wasn't sure if I was just being a dummy, so I didn't complain about it after the first time. I'm so excited to see them! :D

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    • Oh, don't worry about that. There were several mistakes in usernames I found going through. You're welcome to let me know if anything is showing up. I'm sorry about that. I think I had your user in without a space.

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  • (A/N) This is part two of INTERVIEW- TAM's. I don't know why I put that in all caps. But anyway, if you're a lil' confused just go back to that chapter and maybe skim through it or just re-read it. I realize now that I wrote this a while ago, but I was too scared to post it here because I thought someone might copy and paste it somewhere. 



    The camera woman is talking to her boss.

    CW: "Wouldn't that be too much though? I don't feel right doing that."


    CW: "Puh-lease, you and I both know I'm your best employee. Okay, I'll probe their minds if they don't give us the information we need."

    The Boss pats the camerawoman on the back.

    Boss: "It's all about the ratings. Not about our feelings."

    The Boss turns and walks away.

    CW: "What an oaf."

    ------ Present Day -------

    CW (Camerawoman)- "Okay Biana, come right in." 

    The camerawoman leads Biana to the same minimalist interview room she had Tam in. Biana sits down in the chair in front of the camera and a few make-up artists come to make her look her best. 

    They stop in their tracks though. They look her in the face and walk away.

    CW: "What are you guys doing?"

    Tam peeks his head through the door and calls out to the camerawoman:

    Tam: "She's already perfect!!"

    Biana blushes.

    CW: "Ok, lets just start."





    CW: "Welcome Biana. We'll be asking you a few questions. Answer honestly please."

    Biana: "Kk."

    CW: "Are you good friends with Keefe?"

    Biana: "I would say so."

    CW: "Is there anything about him that annoys you?"

    Biana: "Well, yeah! Of course! Do you even know who he is?"

    CW: "I have no idea. Just answer the question please."

    Biana: "Well, he's hot-"

    CW: "Oooh! So you think he's-"

    Biana: "HOTHEADED! He can't take anything seriously-"

    CW: "What about a relationship? Can he take a relationship seriously?"

    Biana: "Can you please just let me finish? He is reckless, and really only cares about Sophie."

    CW: "Oh! Is that his crush? Tam mentioned that he had a crush on someone coming on this show!"

    Biana blushes.

    Biana: "Well, you can't prove that it's her. It may be her, but... it may be someone else... that's known him a little longer..."

    Biana plays with her french braid.

    CW: "Naw, it's definitely this Sophie girl."

    Biana: "Ugh, do you have anything else to ask me?"

    CW:  "Is there any other girl that may have a crush on him even though he totally won't accept them because he loves Sophie so much?"

    The camerawoman checks her nails and smiles up at Biana like she's telling her gossip.

    Biana fumes and storms out of the room. Before she leaves,  she proclaims:


    Cw: "That was fun. Jerald, go get the next disrespectful teen."

    The sound guy (Jerald) rushes out with the clipboard to call in the next person.

    Fitz coolly walks in the room.


    Fitz sits down in the interview chair and starts tapping his toes.

    CW: "What, do you have to use the bathroom?"

    Fitz: "I'm fine. Lets go."

    Cw: "...Okay."

    Makeup artists come to make Fitz look his best.

    They look him in the face, then walk away.

    CW: "Oh, are you too perfect too?"

    Keefe pokes his head through the door and just yells:

    Keefe: "No! They were just agreeing that they can't fix something like that!"

    Keefe disappears behind the door.

    Fitz rolls his eyes.

    CW: "Get ready kid."





    CW: "Hello, what's your name?"

    Fitz: "Fitz."

    CW: "Nice to meet you Fitz. I will be asking you a few questions, please answer honestly."

    Fitz: "Sure."

    CW: "Are you good friends with Keefe?"

    Fitz: "We're best friends actually."

    CW: "Is there anything about him that annoys you?"

    Fitz: "Well he doesn't hang out with me as much anymore."

    CW: "Why is that? Where is he?"

    Fitz: "Always with Sophie, or fighting with his dad."

    CW: "He has issues with his father?"

    Fitz: "Pfft. He has issues with all of his family."

    CW: "How big is his family?"

    Fitz: "Well, all I know is that he has a mom and a dad. Never met any relatives."

    CW: "Oh, so he has issues with his mother also?"

    Fitz: *Cough* "Yeah. Lets not talk about that."

    CW: "Why not? What does his mother do for work?"

    Fitz: "She is an... erm... a... powerful person."

    CW: "How so?"

    Fitz: *Cough cough cough* "Let's just say she has a big  group of people who have to follow her no matter what."

    CW: "Have to follow her? What, is she blackmailing people?"

    Fitz: *COUGH COUGH COUGH* "Lets not talk about her...!"

    CW: "Jerald, get the telepath in here."

    Fitz: "What? If I don't give you permission, you can't use a telepath on me!"

    CW: "Sorry hun, but you signed a contract."

    Fitz: "WHAT?! LET ME SEE!"

    The camerawoman holds up the contract in front of Fitz's face and says:

    CW: "Okay... ahh, right here, highlighted in ballpoint pen." 

    The camera woman looks at Jerald who has already brought the telepath.

    CW: "Now it's gonna get a little hectic in here, so point your head down towards the ground and follow the pointmen."

    (A/N) - Boyinaband reference if any of you can catch it! (Pointless fast rap)

    The camerawoman turns to the telepath.

    CW: "Find out what he's hiding about Keefe's mom."

    Fitz starts to flip out in his chair. He tries to get up and run, but security comes in and holds him down.


    The camera woman shrugs.

    CW: "I guess he really did have to use the bathroom."

    Fitz starts to let out a few squeals and yelps.

    Fitz is just about to use violence when he hears a door open.

    A girl with blonde hair, a confident walk, and an immobilizing glare strides into the room.

    Sophie: "Keep messing with him, and you deal with me."

    Immediately, the security men let go of Fitz and scramble away. Fitz thanks Sophie and also chooses to scramble out the room.

    Sophie walks over to the interview chair, sits down, and smiles.

    Sophie: "Let's start." 

    CW: "Okay, Ms. Confident. I've already scared two of your three friends out of the room. Let's see if you can last."

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  • are u going to do more interviews

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    • Hmm, well I'm really just taking my time writing my next chapter for that series. I should be doing another eventually, but there are no guarantees it will be soon. 

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