aka Nova

  • I live in your closet
  • I was born on March 30
  • My occupation is Playing Prodigy and procrastinating on homework and other stuff
  • I am a carrot cake
  • Bio Call me Nova. Yee.
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Welcome to Nova's Message Wall!
Hello! If you're here to stalk me, please do so! This is a free stalking zone.

Free Stalking Zone!
If it is not a private or hidden message, feel free to stalk (or continue stalking). It is a free stalking zone! Have a good day, stalker!

Otherwise, post things that are relevant to me. Please, I have had people post things on my message wall that was untrue.

I will try my best to get to your messages, but sometimes they don't show up in my notifications. Big shoutout to all those people who put "Notif" on my message wall. :) Thank you.

Feel free to message me anytime you want. I live in the PST or PDT depending on what time of year. So do not message me at 3 AM my time expecting I will respond instantly. 

Coding requests-OPEN


Club recruitment-Open

Open to Recruitment
This user is open to being asked to join a club.
Add {{ClubRecruiting}} to your profile's code if this applies to you.

Please remember:


1. Spam

2. Chain mail

3. Rude language

4. Filler text

5. Bashing

6. Cussing

7. Vandalism

8. Editing of this greeting (unless you're me)

Allowed on my message wall.

Thank you!

Should I clean up my message wall and profile (get it organized)?

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Helpless I'll be posting every other day

Torn Every other day (but not on the same days as Helpless).

Please observe the bOiNg bread, as it is highly endangered. →
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