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    My name is Jules. I hope you enjoy your time here. If you have any questions, you can ask me on my message wall. Please read these Guidelines. These are the Admins that will also be happy to help you. They are super nice and friendly. You can ask them literally anything.

    Questions for You!:

    Don't feel any pressure to answer all these questions, I'm just welcoming you!

    1.) Have you read all the KOTLC books?
    I have!

    2.Who is/are your favorite character/s?
    Mine are Linh and Marella.

    3.Which character can you can most relate to?

    4.If you could have a special gift, what would it be?
    I would want to be a Hydrokinetic and a Polygot.

    5.Who do you ship?
    I personally ship Fitzphie, Dexella, Tiana.

    6.Have you read Legacy? Did you like it?
    I read it, and it was okay.

    7.Do you have any coding experience? If you want to learn, please check out this Coding Guide that I made.
    I have some coding experience, and I would love to learn more!

    8.What is/are your favorite color/s?
    Mine are Purple and Blue.

    9.Do you play any instruments?
    I play piano, it's my 8th year.

    10.Do you speak any languages besides English?
    In school, I'm learning French.

    [Note:this is a prewritten message, not automated] Owner of this template

    And here is my friend badge!

    AmusingBlushingIrishwaterspaniel-size restricted
    Jules' Friend!

    Hello Friend/Stalker! If you receive this, you are Jules' Friend. You might love to code and/or love to read. Just know that she is here for you if you ever need to just talk. You might be a stalker and she really loves her stalkers because they are friendly nice and supportive. She might also not know you very well, but she knows that you are an amazing person. You are a wonderful person who has been really kind, helpful, fun, and overall awesome! Thanks so much for being there to answer questions and talking about books! You might have helped her with coding, talked, or even share the love of trying to save the planet.

    Type {{JulesFriend}}.

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  • Hello! Welcome to the wiki!

    My name is Zoe and you can call me anything related to books! If you feel brave enough, you can message me and give me an amazing new one!

    What's your favourite ship? I personally ship Sokeefe, Sopockets and Tiana! Who's your favourite character? I personally love Keefe and Tam XD. I absolutely love books and you can talk to me about almost anything related to them (especially Shadowhunters ➰🖤)

    I'm open to everything from chatting, general talking, anything about books and KoTLC, coding requests and general friend requests! I would love to be your online wiki friend!

    I hope you have a great time here and if you have any inquiries, just message me anytime! (Though I do have school and the problem of different timezones so there might be a delay in my responses)

    - Bookperson

    (Please note that this is a prewritten message and not a bot command :)

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  • Hello, and welcome to the wiki!

    I’m Lucy! I use she/her pronouns.

    First and foremost, two very important questions: What do you want me to call you? And what pronouns do you use? I just don't want to misgender you :)

    Okay, more questions! You don't have to answer all of these, or any of these. Who are your favorite characters? Mine are Linh, Marella and Biana. What are your favorite ships? Have you read Legacy? Are you excited for Unlocked?

    I would love to get to know you better!

    Something you should do is read the rules. Just something important to do! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me - I might not know the answer, but I'll do my best to find it for you!

    Anyways, have a great time on the wiki! Happy editing!

    (Please note that this is a prewritten message, not a bot)

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  • Hi MikQa12, I'm an admin for the Lost Cities Keeper Wiki community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to Sokeefe! (Please try to keep this to only sokeefe shippers)!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. You may also find Help for New Wiki Members helpful. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs. Finally, you can receive personalized help through a mentor if you would like.

    Enjoy your time at Lost Cities Keeper Wiki!

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