aka Katie

  • I live in a galaxy far, far away
  • I was born on October 7
  • My occupation is a Padawan
  • I am Keefe's legacy (lol)
  • Bio I am a strong Christian and firm believer in Jesus Christ, His death, and resurrection. I have trusted him as my own personal Savior. I love art, music, reading, writing, sleeping, and eating. I also LOVE coffee.
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Welcome to Katie's Majestic Message Wall!

Hello! You can pretty much talk to me about anything.

Some rules:
Please be kind and respectful.
No cursing or swearing.
Use the open/closed code-- stalkers, please respect others' privacy and don't read private messages.

Joke rules:

  • You must title all messages with the following: TO THE MAGNIFICENT MOTHER OF SPARKLY POOP!!!!!
  • The following words are forbidden: washing, juice, and doily.
  • You cannot ask me what day of the week it is. Or else.
Joke/Riddle of the Week: There are 100 bricks in an airplane. One falls out. How many are left in the airplane?

The Open Closed Code

If you'd love for others to join the conversation, add [JOIN] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please join these conversations! If you are okay with others joining the conversation, even though you may not be enthusiastic about it, add an [OPEN] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please only join these conversations if you have something that you'd absolutely want to say! A.k.a., don't just join for the sake of joining. (if possible, please wait 6-8 hours before responding so I have a chance to respond!) If you'd rather the conversation be just between you and me, add a [CLOSED] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please do not join these conversations. If you'd like no stalkers to even see or read the message(s), add a [PRIVATE] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please do not even view these conversations for the privacy of the users.

If there is no [JOIN], [OPEN], [CLOSED], or [PRIVATE], the thread is automatically an [OPEN] one. In emergencies, the Open Closed Code excludes administrators.

Put this in your Message Wall Greeting to apply to your Message Wall, using the code {{OCC}}.

Open to Recruitment
This user is open to being asked to join a club.
Add {{ClubRecruiting}} to your profile's code if this applies to you.

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