aka Kaylee

  • I live in My books
  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is Going mad because of fanfics also talking way to much
  • I am Girl
  • Bio I am not weak I am strong in every way you can't see, I am not dumb I am the smartest I can be, I am a elf I will always be my best self,or else what's the point of life? If you can't have a little fun and weirdness?I am myself and the best one at that.

    Also btw I was born on Friday the thirteenth but i am a very lucky person.
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Hello, I welcome you to my profile feel free to talk with me but be warned if you do I have full permission to rant also btw on August 15th through the 23rd I will be on vaycay in Aruba(Don't mean to seem bratty) k bia!!!
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