Lady Sassyfur

aka Hemera

  • I live in an awesome household.
  • I was born on May 10
  • My occupation is professional procrastinater, how can I help you?
  • I am A STRANGE DOOK (feemail)
  • Bio Heyo, I'm Sassyfur; weird by day *and* night. I am a proud Strange Duck, KotLC fandom user, admin on the Night Marauders Wiki, Nintendo stan and fan of too many things. Check out my long, excessive bio on my profile. Have a nice day!
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Straight ally


Hello, fellow humans! I'm Lady Sassyfur. Welcome, to my message wall! Whether you have a question, a request, or you just want to chat, feel free to message me! I've got more info on my profile and bio. Thanks for stopping by!

Some rules:

-Follow the wiki rules, naturally.

-If a message is private, it's private for a reason. Don't read it for the sake of your curiosity—that's rude and invasive.

-Respect others' wishes. If they tell you to stop—stop. Simple as that.

- Don't diseregard the feelings of others, be kind and considerate, and don't judge. This is a free space. I will not tolerate any bullying, teasing, or anything of the likes.

-Dont ask me for personal information. I won't answer. I will tell you if I'm comfortable, in a private space.

-Don't break these rules. It will not be appreciated. Nor funny.

-Think before you reply. Who knows what kind of impact your words could negatively make.

-Sorry if this seems kind of harsh. But we've recently gone through some rough stuff here and I don't want anyone here being hurt or uncomfortable.


Hoi! If you’d like something, feel free to ask! Here are some random things I can do for you:

To talk?

Whether it's conversation or questions, please do!

Pep talk

I’m not especially great at them, but I’ll always try.


I’m always open to coding help. If you want me to make a badge, then definitely! Or if you have any questions. I’m usually better with the designing aspect rather than the actual code, so I’m open to that as well! One thing: fixing bugs, though I can do them, are not my forte. More often than not, it’s easier to ask the person who made the badge themselves. Even then, experienced coders can have small problems with <div> tags, or spelling errors or unnecessary spaces. Still, I’ll definitely help in any way I can!

Also, a note: Please don’t copy my code. If you have questions, or would like to base yours off of mine, feel free to ask! Just don’t copy, please.

Webtoon Recommendations

Are you wondering what in the world to do, bored out of your mind? You’ve been scrolling through Webtoon for half an hour, wondering what to read? Fear not! I have a freaking million that you could read. Check my profile, it has a whole tab dedicated to it lol. If you want an in-depth review, here: my blog post review :3


Pretty self-explanatory. If you need it, I’m open. Weird thing to ask me though…your teachers would probably a better choice. Lol.


I do art. And stuff. Surprise…?

I’m open to art requests. I draw RP characters often, and KotLC fanart occasionally as well. Whether it’s an OC, a ship (I won’t do Fitzphie. I’m sorry :’)), RP character, a KotLC character, some sucky scenery—you name it—I’ll try my best. Probably. Head onto my profile’s art tab to see some examples, I guess.

I’ll probably only work on one or two drawings requested, if anyone even does lol. Remember that I am human too. I cannot churn these out like a factory, and I can’t draw 24/7. Again, if anyone requests heh.

I love to draw, and so it’d be fun to have something requested!


The Open Closed Code

If you'd love for others to join the conversation, add [JOIN] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please join these conversations! If you are okay with others joining the conversation, even though you may not be enthusiastic about it, add an [OPEN] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please only join these conversations if you have something that you'd absolutely want to say! A.k.a., don't just join for the sake of joining. (if possible, please wait 6-8 hours before responding so I have a chance to respond!) If you'd rather the conversation be just between you and me, add a [CLOSED] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please do not join these conversations. If you'd like no stalkers to even see or read the message(s), add a [PRIVATE] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please do not even view these conversations for the privacy of the users.

If there is no [JOIN], [OPEN], [CLOSED], or [PRIVATE], the thread is automatically an [OPEN] one. In emergencies, the Open Closed Code excludes administrators.

Put this in your Message Wall Greeting to apply to your Message Wall, using the code {{OCC}}.

Free Stalking Zone!
If it is not a private or hidden message, feel free to stalk (or continue stalking). It is a free stalking zone! Have a good day, stalker!

THOUGH THIS IS A FREE STALKING ZONE: I'd appreciate it if you did not interrupt my conversations if it does not seem like the appropriate time to interrupt. If it is clear that I probably wouldn't mind, go ahead. Just do not read private messages, or answer requests for me. Thank you!

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  • I definitely agree with that

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Awww I’m so sorry I missed your goodbye post! (Dang it I feel bad haha)

    We miss youuuuuuuu! But take care of yourself. Rain is taking a break, too, so... yeah. Ayyy that kinda means I’ll take a break as well lolz. *hugs* if you ever need to talk, I’m here. Enjoy your break, Sassyfur! I shall be waiting for your... re... arrival? Is that a thing? XD

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  • Hey! If anyone of you were wondering, though I doubt it, I'm taking a break from the wiki. Summer break has just started for me, recently a family member had a birthday, and I just want to spend some time for myself, my family, and stay sane in this whole thing happening lol. So, see you then.

    Stay Gold. :) 

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  • I miss talking to you!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Have you read the Webtoon tower of God? It got turned into an Anime and the Webtoon is amazing

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Have you become KPop obsessed yet? XD

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    • I'm taking one as well.

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      short little thing

      I learned the "Ayo hitman bang introduces hit it the second audition rap dance noraero sangdaebangui giseoneul jeaphae" and I can SAY IT

      I'm so proud of myself it's stupid :'D

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  • Hi, quick question, have you ever been on Riordan Wiki?

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  • On the K-Pop lovers club, you said you fell down the hole.

    Was that Isabella's doing? XD she pushed me down the hole as well.

    Anyways, how are you?

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    • LOL Hi. Partially? She pushed me a bit a while ago, and I listened to it but I didn't feel it. But recently I watched the MV for DOPE and well...heh, from there anyone can assume. It doesn't help that they are all very attractive, and all talented, and there's so much content surrounding them and edits that make me laugh my head off. So.

      I actually don't consider myself a K Pop fan yet, I just like BTS and a think Stray Kids and BLACKPINK's music is pretty good. They're the most basic groups, but I'm not actively seeking anything more than that.

      I'm okay! School just finished more or less today. You?

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    • XD nice!

      coolio!! I'm doing tennis and swimming lessons so that's keeping me busy.

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    • Okay why are they all so talented and gorgeous????

      Also I can't choose a 'bias' man it changes so much like Jungkook aaaaaaaaH but then like TAE but then the fact that Suga freaking existing changes everything but then J-Hope is a ray of sunshine and Jin is such a savage, amazing mood, and Namjoon needs to be saved BUT DANG JIMIN *cries*

      That's good! Keeping busy in a somewhat productive way is really important in times like these.

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      I have no clue, they just are lol.

      XDXD I can't really choose one either. I'd probably say Jimin, but then I feel bad about picking favorites and AAAAHH

      True words.

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  • a badge for you uwu

    even tho you changed your pfp XD 

    An order of pancakes is a side dish and can be ordered in addition to a full brunch


    You've been eaten by Tiana 🍽️ (probably because you have a food pfp/username/nickname, or a planet pfp)

    *eats you*

    -mmm tastyyYyyyy-

    put {{Yum}} on your profile if tiana ate you

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    • YAUM


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    • YESH


      I’m still trying to figure out how to make it look good on a thread, but candy told me not to cheat so I supposed I have to figure it out myself XD

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