aka Crystal AKA Queen Cheesy

  • I live in In my bookshelf, in my future neighborhood, which I totally do not have all planned out
  • I was born on September 7
  • My occupation is Listening to Christmas songs all year round
  • I am Queen Cheesy, Queen of Cheesians, and of course, I am Obviously awesome (:
  • Bio We may be a thousand miles apart, But I'll be with you wherever you are, I'm already there, Take a look around, I'm the sunshine in your hair, I'm the shadow on the ground, I'm the whisper in the wind, I'm your imaginary friend, And I'll be there until the end, Can you feel the love that we share? Oh, I'm already there
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Heyo fellow KotLC fans! I'm Crystal! Welcome to my message wall!!!

Hi! I'm a mentor here, so if you'd like to be mentored, feel free to ask!!!! I love talking to everyone, so feel free to shoot me a message on my wall!!!

Rules for my wall: No Cursing, no bashing, always be nice, and ALWAYS stay positive!!!

Positivity Challenge: Every Monday, I will post a positivity challenge on my wall!! First person to complete the challenge gets a shout out in the next weeks challenge!! Feel free to comment ideas for the challenge on my wall, and you'll get a shout out when they're used!!!

Hope you have a fantabulous and funtastic day!!! Stay positive!! ~Crystal

The Open Closed Code

If you'd love for others to join the conversation, add [JOIN] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please join these conversations! If you are okay with others joining the conversation, even though you may not be enthusiastic about it, add an [OPEN] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please only join these conversations if you have something that you'd absolutely want to say! A.k.a., don't just join for the sake of joining. (if possible, please wait 6-8 hours before responding so I have a chance to respond!) If you'd rather the conversation be just between you and me, add a [CLOSED] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please do not join these conversations. If you'd like no stalkers to even see or read the message(s), add a [PRIVATE] to the beginning of your message title. Stalkers, please do not even view these conversations for the privacy of the users.

If there is no [JOIN], [OPEN], [CLOSED], or [PRIVATE], the thread is automatically an [OPEN] one. In emergencies, the Open Closed Code excludes administrators.

Put this in your Message Wall Greeting to apply to your Message Wall, using the code {{OCC}}.

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