aka Samama

  • I live in A house depending on how Im feeling
  • I was born on July 6
  • I am Female
  • Bio Hey! I am Samama, LOVE Kotlc, Pineapples and Sokeefe. If you actually want to know more about me, than you should go to my profile!
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Hello! *waves* Welcome! We have arrived at my message wall! I hope you have a nice stay! Click anywhere to come in.

Hello and welcome to my message wall! Please be kind to others and use good language. You can talk to me about pretty much anything and I'm here to help! One of the weird things about me is that I love hearing and answering questions... I love telling people about me and learning about other people. So, if you would like to message me a random question I will defiantly answer you. I am also pretty active between 10-3 every week day and I usually am on most Saturdays but I dont go online at all on Sundays. Anyway, thank you if you're still actually reading. OK now, this is my message wall...

Samama is currently on her summer break. She will be less active. For more information, you can go to her most recent blog post. I would put a link but it's not working so you will just have to click on the button that says blog. (Is it weird that I was switching between 1st person and 3rd person???)

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