aka The Avocado (I'm obsesed with Avocados).

  • I live in In Neverland
  • I was born on March 1
  • My occupation is I absolutely love horses, profecional horse back rider at your service! :3 Also, spend most of my time reading in class. SHHHHH don't tell my teachers!
  • I am an Avocado.
  • Bio Hey there! My nickname's Juli, and I'd be happy to be your friend! To start with this, I'm going to put a few details about myself.

    First: I enjoy helping people and giving out five-paragraph pep talks. I tend to be empathetic, no matter the situation. Why? I have no idea. If I can't really relate, then I'm sympathetic about the subject.
    I also tend to have two more senses I can't quite explain (I swear I'm not lying). The first one is quite weird; I can somehow determine how someone is feeling by either glancing at their expression, having a short chat or even just looking at their replies on the internet. I have literally no idea why. The second one's also really strange. I enjoy wring and reading, and while I'm at it, I tend to examine more the author's grammar mistakes (there are actually quite a few if you look closely). I, for some reason, can tell when a coma's missing or where you shouldn't have placed one. I'm weird.
    And, to an add, I do horseback, wo!I'm mostly really active, so feel welcome to message me on my wall if you need to talk about something or just want to have a funny talk about how humankind should create sink toilets for cats.

    Here are my normal status's in the magic world of literature:

    Rick Riordan: I'm one hundred percent Greek, and I'm a daughter of Poseidon. (I had to take quite a few quizzes to truly be sure.) The quiz on Rick Riordan's website told me I was a Huntress of Artemis, but I don't think I'd give up my whole life to join a cool group of girls. (Though that ''does'' sound pretty cool.)

    KoTLC: I'm for certain an Empath (dude, I took more than twenty; I'm sure).

    WoF: I tried, but they all gave me different variations of answers, so I'm just going to assume what my personality fits best. Taking this in the count, I'm a NightWing-LeafWing-SilkWing-RainWing quabrid. Explanation:
    NightWing: I love books and literature, and I would honestly spend all my rainy days inside a peaceful library reading all my favorite series.
    LeafWing: I have quite the adventurous side, and I tend to go and climb trees every time I'm not reading, writing, or RP. I love being outside surrounded by nature, and the fresh air of a pine forest, or the feeling of tranquility I get every time it's just me and the wildlife.
    SilkWing: My inner loyalty towards my friends and family reminded me of this tribe's personality. I love being there for them and hate it when they're sad or feeling down without being able to do anything about it. I feel as useless as a bird with no wings. I also tend to be really empathetic and sensible *cough.*
    RainWing: I have my lazy side, haha (you're reading a procrastinator's bio). I also like to see the positive side of things.
    Warriors: I'm still reading the series; do NOT spoil me!
    Harry Potter: I'm a Griffindor by heart, and my wand is made of Fir wood with a unicorn hair core, 10 ¾" and pliant flexibility.

    I think that's all of it. Most of the other series I've read can't really have quizzes and stuff. (AKA: The Hunger Games, A Dog's Way Home, etc.)
    So yeah, that's basically it! You can find me in the WoF wiki and the KoTLC one. (I tend to join the ones that have RPs.)
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