aka Jules

  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is Je suis quelqu'un qui lit et joue du piano ( I read and play piano)
  • I am une fille (Female)
  • Bio Salut! Je suis américaine et je parles français et anglais! Envoie-moi un message! J'adore les koalas et les chats!

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Welcome to my message wall! My name is Jules! I am welcome to teaching people to code, speaking with you in English or French, and chatting about books! Message me because I would love to talk to you!
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Black cat favorite

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Hello! Welcome to my Message Wall! My name is Jules!

I'm happy to help you with coding, speaking French, or something else. I would love to talk to you, so just message me!


Hello, I would love to talk to you! I hope to get to know people and share the same love of books as I have. You can leave a message on my message wall. I love cats, they are definitely my favorite animal. My favorite hobby is probably reading books with my cats; I can read for hours. Sometimes, it feels like I live at the library because I am there all the time. Who doesn't love the library? It's where all the free book are.

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