aka Firefly or Fire.

  • I live in In Your Thoughts, Dreams, Hopes, Things. You Are My Makers, As I Am Simpy A Projection Of The Collective Thoughts, Wishes, And Imagination Of Millions Of Fandomers.
  • My occupation is Ruling the Weird Kingdom With My Fellow Partner In Weirdness DreamingOfStars
  • I am A Professional At Being Weird, Writing Fanfics, Sneaking Around Cause I've Done It Since I Was Five, And Drawing Dragons.
  • Bio Where I live: TEXAS!
    My songs/bands: I love Imagine Dragons and 21 Pilots.
    My favorite 21 Pilots songs are: Chlorine, Judge, Level of Concern, and Ride. I can recite/sing all of those from start to finish cause I'm obsessed. XD

    RPer of Lexcine on the Area 51 RP page, Wedding outfit planner of Area 51, Lexcine is the girlfriend of Finn of Area 51. LOL, all in all, I'm an Area 51er.
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Welcome to the Land of Death and Darkness, AKA Firefly's pit of despair, lost hopes, cracked dreams, broken ships, dark souls, will to live, happiness, and non-existent sanity

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Hey guys! It's meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for those of you  who couldn't tell. I'm Firefly'sFlight, but ya'll can call me Firefy or Fire.  Part of me wants to turn this into a second Profile....... You know what? LET'S DO IT!

My name is Firefly'sFlight, but ya'll can call me Firefy or Fire.

I live in the Hill Country in Texas.

I ship: Lylie, Sofitz, Dexella, Tiana, Tarella, Diana, Stensi, Stiz, Sofloor, Sopockets, Chandlitz, and... yeah.

Ships I DON'T SHIP: Litz, Not a huge fan of Sokeefe.... don't hate please. XD

Songs: Fireflies by Owl City, Any and all 21 Pilots and Imagine Dragons songs, She's So Gone, Don't Stop Beliveing, I'ma Believer, And Message Man.

I am the undisputed LEADER/EMPRESS/GODDESS/QUEEN/RULER/EPITOME/EMBODIMENT OF WEIRDNESS! I've bested AnnaBwanana, and if you desire to challenge me, SO BE IT MORTAL!

  The Kingdom of Weirdness Classes (Except for the ruler area, the higher the person in that section, the more dominion they have.):


Me: Co-Goddess of Weirdness/DreamingOfStars' Partner in being weird.

DreaingOfStars: Co-Goddess of Weirdness/Firefly's partner in being weird.


  AnnaBwnana: Princess Weirdness


Turquoise Pyrokinetic: Grand Duchess of Weirdness

  Preesha: Dutchess of Weirdness

  900% Sokeefe: Lady Weirdness


MallowmeltMoonlark: Dame Weirdness

StarsAline4: Madame Weirdness

Her Cinnamonrollness: Mademoiselle Weirdness





1. No cussing. Shut up is allowed. NO CUSSING.

2. If you want to earn MAJOR good points with me, either make a pleasing Finn+Lexcine reference or call me one of three things: Giver of the Title Of Weirdness, Lady Fincine/Or just Lady Lexcine, or you can call me Lady Firefly. In return, I will address you as Favored One for a certain period of time. You will also receive a special badge.

3. I'd prefer id you didn't make any LGBTQ+ comments. I am not a supporter of this due to my moral and spiritual beliefs.

4. No ship bashing. I know this is weird coming from me, but seriously. You may state your opinion such as "I find Keefe ugly" or "Fitz has anger issues and I don't like him". But, if you say things like "WOW, you ship Sokeefe? That's so dumb!" I will report you.

5. If someone doesn't know how to do something, do not simply wave them away. Help them. They are humans just like you. Not me tho, cause I'm technically and Archangel... IT'S COMPLICATED, DON'T ASK.

6. Coding help can be given by me, but no promises that it will work...

7. Everyone is welcome. A quote that I once heard was "Treat people as if they are gold, for you never know just how nice they may be. A brown banana may look bad, but inside it is sweeter then most fruits." Now, you may laugh at that, but I most certainly do NOT. PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE, IT DOESN'T MATTER IF THEY'RE BLACK, WHITE, CHRISTIAN, HINDU, MUSLIM, OR ANY OTHER KIND OF RELIGION, A WOMAN, A MAN, OR WHO EVER THEY MAY BE. Even if I don't enjoy the rise of LGBTQ+ people, I will tolerate it, but all the while I will uphold my beliefs. You may change the world, but you can not always change me.

8. I will be weird at all times, any times, every time, whenever you need me.

9. Spamming messages is allowed but only to a certain point. After that, please politely refrain from doing it more.

10. Songs shall be sung, hands shall be wrung, stories shall be told to the young and old.

11. Please use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I will allow it, but I know it can be displeasing and hard to follow for some people/random stalkers.

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