aka Cuddo or Saskia :B

  • I live in Singapore
  • I was born on February 1
  • I am A Girl
  • Bio Woman's rights are human rights. Human rights are woman rights. Black lives matter, so do whites. I welcome you to stalk me if you're insain like me. Some bk info, you may know my rl name, don't tell others. Some of you know my origins... idc abt that...

    Wohoo! you reached the end! I'll tell you one thing- I'm a mix blood :B Of sushi and Singaporean :B
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Sorry, Cuddo here :B

The following's kinda depressing, hope you don't feel that way...

Tired badge


Sometimes I just wanna

Run away & see

who actually cares

{{I Just...}}

Isn't it sad when you

get hurt so much you

can finally say

"I'm used to it"

{{Isn't It Sad}}

I hate myself

But I can't tell you that

You'd tell me not to

But you don't understand

{{You Don't Understand}}

I'm not mad

I'm hurt

There's A Difference

{{There's A Difference}}

Have you ever been so sad that

You really want to be alone

But at the same time

You really wish there was

someone you could talk to

{{But At The Same Time}}

The worst kind of pain is

When you're smiling

Just to stop

The tears from falling

{{Worst Kind Of Pain}}

Sleep doesn't help

If it's your soul

That's Tired

{{Not Sleep}}

I care


I'm done


{{I Care, but}}


I don't care anymore

I'm done


Real depression

Is when you stop

Loving the things

You love

{{Real Depression}}

She is dangerous

When she's hurt

She can easily destroy

Everything around her

But she doesn't


She destroys herself

{{She's Dangerous}}

I miss me

the old me

the happy me

the bright me

the smiling me

the laughing me

the gone me

{{I Miss Me}}

You're not sensitive

You're not overreacting

If it hurts you

It hurts you

Don't let anyone invalidate

Your feelings


{{If It Hurts}}

I am


DoNe dOnE

Done donE


Just Done


Sorry for caring

Sorry for trying

Sorry for it all

But most of all

I'm sorry for letting you in

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