Cora the Guster

aka 🌪Cor🌪

  • I live in Gatlon City🌆🏙 (fictional!)
  • My occupation is troublemaking 😈
  • I am Marella's twin (which makes me Biana's future sister-in-law)
  • Bio Hey! Call me Cora or Cor. I've been a huge KOTLC fan ever since I picked it up in 2018. I'm a huge straight ally and feminist (you will often see me ranting about that on the forums). Also, I ship Sophitz. Yuy!!! 😆 (icon by me of me)
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we make our own luck.

and you're about to prove that.

-terezi pyrope

cora the guster

bisexual - genderfae - she/they

go read/watch:

homestuck - kotlc - made of blood - marvel - vast error - aru shah/riordanverse - queer eye

passionate about:

drawing - writing - crochet - minecraft - peanut butter pretzels

Hey! I'm Cor!

Talk about really anything you want in the messages, as long as you keep it clean and awesome.




ART REQUESTS: Open, but my style is EXTREMELY cartoony. You have been warned. Sample art:

POETRY REQUESTS: closed. You can't just ask for creativity.

COLLAB REQUESTS: plez yes!!!!

TEW SHIP MOMENT REQUESTS: why would you ask for more Page moments when there's Poral?

WRITING REVIEWS: Open (but not for poems, and I'm iffy about fanfics)

The Open Closed Code

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