• I live in IN A HOUSE
  • I was born on February 6
  • My occupation is Writing endless letters to Shannon Messenger but never sending them
  • I am Female
  • Bio I love Keeper of the lost Cities, Skulduggery Pleasant, Caraval, and Ranger's Apprentice. I love all the authors that will never come to my small state. And just in case anyone of you weirdos would like to know everyone of the book series listed above i have made a fan fiction for.
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  • Okay, so I was messaged this chain through a friend. It basically spreads kindness, and you have to spread the message to 15 kind people.

    Hi. We are friends, and will go through all of life together, struggles together, and good times together. If you die, I won't be at your funeral. I'll be in jail for killing the person who killed you. We will be friends until the end of time. You must send this message to 15 of the kindest, nicest people ever, otherwise you will turn super ugly in one year. If you do send this message to 15 kind people someone will realize they love you at midnight. The next day they will call you. So you must send this message to 15 kind people. You cannot send it on group chats.

    So I had to send it to 15 people, and you are one of them! Now you have to send the message to 15 kind people!

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  • Hi and welcome!

    Heya there, BroShipper3!

    Welcome to the wiki! To get started, please take a look at the Administration list and read the rules! They're not too complicated or hard to follow; most are a specific part of "use common sense." If you're super new to FANDOM, I suggest doing this little interactive intro. It includes how to use FANDOM and some introductory wikicode lessons! You can call me Char and use she/her pronouns for me. I hope that you have a FANTABULOUS time here! You can ask me any questions that you want, and although I am a mentor, I may not know the answers to all of them. Sorry!

    I'd love to get to know you! I'll try my best to respond ASAP, but I often go on inactive streaks. What do you want me to call you and what pronouns do you use? Next are a few completely-optional-to-answer KotLC related questions, that I hope can be used for us to get to know each other better: Who’s your favorite Keeper character? Who all do you ship? What's your favorite ability? Favorite KotLC book? Favorite event in that book or another?

    Anyway, have a great time!


    If you've found this secret message, please message me on my wall! Don't tell anyone about it, though.
    ✦Please note that this is not an automated message, although it was prewritten.✦
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    • First of all, I try my best not to get annoyed at Linh, she's not bad but I just really don't like her I'm-so-special-because-I'm-the-only-hydrokinetic-and-my-life-sucks. Butttttttttttt I use she/her, I ADORE Keefe SENCEN baby!, I ship Keefe/Sophie-Fitz/Nobody-Biana/Tam-Dex/Marella-Linh/Wylie-Bo/Ro (hence my name!) and eceteria, my favorite ability is either a Technopath or Hydrokinetic (linh just uses it to show off), my favorite book is probably Exile (because it has a lot of KEEFE), my favorite event is the sleepover in Lodestar (just because of the triplets), and of course I had to read Legacy in a day...but I've read spoilers before and that wasn't any fun so I'll shut my mouth. 

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    • It's okay if you don't like a character! What's your favorite Bo/Ro ship name? Mine's RoBot. Their names have such potential XD

      Technopathy and Hydrokinesis are also two of my favorites! My other favorite is pyrokinesis.

      Okay I love the triplets I NEED THEM IN BOOK 9!!!!

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    • Honetly? YES. I like Bro...I don't even know if that's an offical name or what...but whatever

      Triplets do need to be in the ninth book...I have a few ideas how they could be incooperated. 

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    • I agree!

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  • Hi BroShipper3, I'm an admin for the Lost Cities Keeper Wiki community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to Yo yo yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. You may also find Help for New Wiki Members helpful. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs. Finally, you can receive personalized help through a mentor if you would like.

    Enjoy your time at Lost Cities Keeper Wiki!

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