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This is my profile because I can’t edit my real one.

Name: JediMoonlarkAvenger

Nickname: Riah, or any other name you want to give me.

Occupation: crazy fan girl (Star Wars keeper and marvel in that order.)

I Live in: Black Spire, Batuu

I am: A GIRL (and that won’t change)

I believe: In Jesus (I don’t agree LGBTQ+ but I also don’t agree with all those people who hate the LGBTQ+ Community)

I Was born: 1 day before the leap day (but not on a leap year)

Bio: You are Loved, You are worth it, You are beautiful, Shine Bright and don’t let anyone put out your light!

Rules for anyone on my wall: BE KIND!!!



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Christian Keepers!

As Christians, we are not only keepers of the Lost cities, but keepers of God’s Spirit as well.



Man, these Zendaya/Holland wars are boring, is a thought that often crosses your mind. Instead of arguing one of those sides, you usually either pop in with a humorous other person or decide to ignore them altogether. You may not even know who those two are. Join us in the rebellion by putting {{B O R I N G}} or {{B O R I N G|favorite=*capslock your favorite person*}}, if you would like to express your allegiance to a person who is not Zendaya or Holland, into the source code of your profile! Show your allegiance to neither or both sides! And last but not least, *CARRIE FISHER* FOREVER!!!!!!!




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