Mesmers are elves with the special ability to put people in trances and control them. It is a very rare ability, and those who manifest it are closely monitored by the Council.


Mesmers are able to force people to do anything that they command. Their victim(s) are fully conscious during the mesmerizing process, but elves with strong wills are shown to be able to resist the mesmerizing process. In addition, it's harder to mesmerize large groups of people. Grady Ruewen's limit is 24 elves, and that left him drained.

Known MesmersEdit

Grady doesn't like to talk about his abilities because it caused his friends to stop trusting him in his school years. He was even teased by Edaline's parents about mesmerizing their daughter into marriage. His limit of the number of people he can mesmerize at once is said to be around 24. Grady also hates being enhanced because he gets out of control and he’s afraid of doing something rash that might put his loved ones in danger. When Grady is enhanced, he is able to control not only human minds but animal minds as well.

Examples of Mesmerizing Edit

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