Mental Tricks are the skill to make the mind appear a certain way from which it is not, typically performed by a telepath. Talentless and those with special abilities can perform these. In Flashback, Keefe says that mind tricks are confusing and Tiergan responds and says that it is difficult to understand an ability that is not your own.

Mental Tricks Edit

  • Highlighting Memories

Keefe does this in Flashback when Fitz and Sophie are searching his memories. Keefe imagined all the memories that he didn't want Fitz and Sophie to look at in a chest. He then imagined that chest whatever color he chose, which in his case was gold. All the memories he chose that he didn't want Sophie and Fitz to see turned gold. Sophie and Fitz could still see these memories but followed Keefe's wishes to avoid them.

  • Hiding Consciousness

The Black Swan teaches their members how to hide their consciousness in a nook in their mind so it's easier and possible for Sophie to heal their minds if broken. Prentice Endal does this to keep elves from finding out the secrets he sacrificed a lot for to keep.

  • Hiding Thoughts

Mr. Forkle hides his thoughts in a series of barriers, one of which forces the searcher to go against their instincts to reach his thoughts. This did not stop Sophie and Fitz when they attempted to read Mr.Forkle's mind. The Ogre King, King Dimitar may be doing something like this. The Neverseen (Gethen especially) and the Black Swan use this.

  • Laying cold and warm trails

Mr. Forkle leaves a cold stream leading away from his important memories.

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