A Melder is a silver weapon that is the elvin equivalent of a gun. It has a sleek, curved handle connected to a triangle of silver with a single button in the center. From a distance, this weapon will merely stun the person who was shot, although at close range, can cause permanent physical and/or mental damage. These weapons were first mentioned in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities, in which the Neverseen threaten to shoot Dex during the kidnapping scene. They were later mentioned in Exile, (in which Keefe and Fitz use one) and in Everblaze, where Sophie and Gethen are shot by them. Lady Gisela also used one to threaten Biana in Book 3.

Biana's dad, Alden, taught her how to pull someone out of the daze that a melder causes. When Sophie was shot, she used the method to help Sophie. To do that, she placed two fingers under her temples and pressed hard. It is described as being very painful.

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