Match Lists are the lists that all elves are expected to get from the Matchmakers when they are teenagers. They each have one hundred names on them. You can get five lists, amounting to five hundred names, with a limit of one list per month. Most frequently, elves only need to get one list, though it was confirmed Alden had gotten two, while Jolie had gotten all five. You can choose when you want to date from your lists. You must choose somebody on your list or you will be considered a bad match. Elves with special abilities will not have any Talentless on their lists. Jolie Ruewen had both Benesh and Harlin Vacker on her lists, along with Ollie Heks. If someone is on an elf's list that someone will have the other elf somewhere on their list. It does not necessarily need to be the same numerical value. Grady was Edaline's number three, and she was his seven.

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