Match Lists are a part of the larger Matchmaking Process. It is a list that all elves receive from the Matchmakers that states one hundred elves that the recipient should marry. An elf may only receive up to five lists, amounting to five hundred names, with an additional limit of one list per month. Most frequently, elves only need to get one list. It is not uncommon for elves to request for more that one, however - it was confirmed Alden had requested two, while Jolie had requested for all five. An elf may choose any of the one hundred elves on each list, and there is no time limit for when they must pick one (if they want to marry at all) - however, they must choose an elf on the list, with those that deviate from this and marrying an elf not on the list being considered a bad match. Elves with special abilities will not have any Talentless on their lists. It is guaranteed that if an elf has another elf on their list, the second elf will have the first elf on their list as well; however, there is no guarantee that they will share the same numerical ranking on each others' list. For example, Grady was Edaline's number three, while she was his seventh.

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