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A Mastodon is an elephant-like creature believed by humans to be extinct. They are similar to woolly mammoths, but smaller and with sharper tusks. The Mastodon is the Level Three mascot at Foxfire, and Sophie had to dance in the Mastodon costume at the Opening Ceremonies. Edaline and Grady have several Mastodons at Havenfield, and according to Edaline, a Gorgonops once ate a Mastodon at the estate. It was also seen in the first book that they are capable of emitting an earthshaking squeal that made Sophie's ears ring. This occurred after Edaline mounted one of the creatures.



“As an Empath, Keefe could feel the terror coursing through her veins like a herd of stampeding mastodons.”

—Narration, in Everblaze, page(s) 1-2, E-book

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