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“You're their suncatcher, or boobrie, or whatever weird bird they call you.”

—Maruca, in Lodestar

Maruca is Biana's ex-friend, although she and Biana fix their friendship in Flashback. Little is known about Maruca, except that she is Wylie's second cousin and she is currently Stina's friend, as well as Linh's. After Biana began hanging out with Sophie in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities, she spills a lot of Biana's secrets to Stina. For example, she told Stina about how at first Alden told Biana that she had to be friends with Sophie so Sophie would come over more and Alden could keep a better watch on her (which causes Sophie to be upset and she wanted to be alone, resulting in her kidnapping). This is why Biana no longer wanted to be her friend because she spilled her secrets and was mean to her friends. Maruca interacted with Wylie often as a young child.

In Lodestar, Maruca blackmails the Black Swan so that she and her family can see Wylie when he is injured. In Legacy, she manifests as a Psionipath, wanting to join the Black Swan order.

Appearance Edit

Maruca has dark skin and black hair with a small blue streak in it. In Lodestar, she is described to have turquoise eyes. It was also mentioned that she bore a somewhat minor resemblance to Wylie.

In Legacy, her appearance is described as gorgeous. Her hair hangs in long, beautiful dreadlocks, half of which are pulled into a complicated twist on the top of her head with a streak of blue in the middle. Her lips are fuchsia in color.

Character Traits Edit

  • Untrustworthy & Mean

In Book 1, Maruca tells Stina, Biana's secret about Alden forcing Biana to be Sophie's friend. Maruca spilled Biana's secrets and was acting very hostile towards Sophie.

  • Determined

Maruca blackmails the Black Swan into letting her see Wylie in Lodestar. In Legacy, she is determined to join the Black Swan with her new ability being a game-changer to the defense play.

Character Bio by Shannon Messenger Edit

Maruca thought she knew who her friends were—but then Biana had to go and get too busy with Sophie Foster to hang out anymore. And then Stina had to go and blab a bunch of things she’d told her in confidence and make a big mess. Thank goodness for her family—her family is awesome. Especially her cousin, Wylie. She’d do anything for him. Well, almost anything. She won’t let him tell her what to do—but nobody gets to do that. She can handle herself. And people need her help.

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