Marqueseire is an unmapped star that is illegal to bottle. It emits a rosy light, which is pink and glittery when used to light leap. Sophie, Keefe, and Sandor are given a bottle of Marqueseire's light to light leap by the Black Swan in Book 3: Everblaze, and Mr. Forkle uses it to leap from Atlantis to Alluveterre in Book 4: Neverseen. Marquiseire's light is one of the only types of light that makes it possible to leap from underwater, along with light from Candesia.

Leaping in it feels like "each glinting speck turned coarse as they traveled--grating and scraping, like they were leaping through a glitter bomb."

Mr. Forkle explains that the Quintessence from Marqueseire is "incredibly abrasive, which makes it the best choice when something needs to be broken down on a cellular level."

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