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Marella and Stina/Marina is the romantic/friendship pairing of Marella Redek and Stina Heks. In the first two books, Marella dislikes Stina, and Stina teases Marella in return. However, during Book 3, Stina befriends Marella after Marella feels ignored by Sophie and her other friends. Their friendship holds steady into the fourth book until Stina manifests as an Empath and Marella becomes jealous. However, they stay friends afterward.

Pairing names[]

  • Marina (Mar/ella and St/ina)
  • Stinella (Stin/a and Mar/ella)
  • Redheks (Marella Red/ek and Stina Heks)


Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze[]

  • Stina and Marella stand together during an announcement by the Council.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen[]

  • Marella comes over to Stina's house.


  • Both attend Foxfire.
  • Both are 14 years old, in Level Four.
  • Both are friends with each other.
  • Both have a relatively good relationship with their parents.
  • Both are elves.
  • Both are female.
  • Both have blue eyes.
  • Both have manifested an ability.
  • Both have helped Sophie Foster.
  • Both are connected to the Black Swan in some way.