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Basic Information

Durand RedekCaprise RedekMarella Adene Redek


“Thanks for taking care of her guys, but I’ll take it from here.”

~ Marella Adene Redek

Marella Adene Redek (pronounced Mah-rell-uh Ah-deen Red-eck) is an elf that attends Foxfire. She is currently a Level Four at Foxfire, and was one of the first students to reach out to Sophie in her first few months in the Lost Cities, along with Jensi and Dex.


Marella is described as a very short, slender, pixie-like elf with shoulder-length blonde hair that "twists in and out of tiny braids." She is also said to have huge, ice-blue eyes—very much like how Keefe's were described. Unlike Biana, Marella dislikes glitter or sparkles and even criticized Biana and Sophie for talking about dresses at an important time. Marella is not at all concerned with her appearance, which can make her look a bit disheveled.


In Nightfall, it was revealed that Marella is a Pyrokinetic. Pyrokinesis is a currently forbidden, rare, and misunderstood ability to manipulate and create a fire that comes with a strong desire for the heat. It also attracts heat, as shown when the chosen group for exploring the first Nightfall marched up a snowy slope, and Marella was the only one not shivering uncontrollably. She said the reason why she was not cold was that heat was attracted to her.

Her Pyrokinesis was triggered by Mr. Forkle when she told Sophie and her friends that she wanted to manifest as an Empath to help identify and control her mother's unstable emotions, in exchange for information on Cyrah's murder. A few nights after Mr. Forkle triggered her ability, she thought she had a fever, and woke up that night covered in fire. Her mother stepped up and took the blame for setting the fire; everyone believed that story, as Marella's mother was seemingly "crazy", due to a vaguely described accident and incurable head trauma that resulted in her emotional instability.


Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities[]

Marella "rescues" Sophie from sitting with Jensi and his friends, saying it was "social suicide" to sit there. Sophie, Dex, and Marella become friends partly due to their mutual hate of Stina.

Book 2: Exile[]

Marella's and Sophie's friendship weakens when Sophie starts hanging out with Biana, Fitz, and Keefe more. She does not make very many appearances in this book.

Book 3: Everblaze[]

Their friendship falls through the roof completely when Sophie starts to neglect Marella. To 'get back' at Sophie, Marella becomes friends with Stina, her former enemy.

Book 4: Neverseen[]

Marella is hardly mentioned in Neverseen at all, except during Fitz's and Sophie's cognate training, when Sophie's biggest regret is neglecting Marella. Marella and Sophie meet when Sophie is sent with Timkin/Coiffe to his house where Sophie says to Marella how she was sorry she said nothing before she left and Marella replied by saying "I thought you were going to say sorry for not inviting me.”

Book 5: Lodestar[]

Wylie is attacked by the Neverseen and interrogated about the death of his mother, Cyrah Endal. Mr. Forkle comes up with a list of peoples who were present at the marketplace, where she died. Caprise Redek, Marella's mother, is on that list. Marella gives the Sophie the information her mother knows about Cyrah's death. In exchange, Mr. Forkle triggers her special ability. The ability remains unknown at the end of the book. Marella's and Sophie's friendship begins to heal, and Marella realizes how crazy and dangerous Sophie's life is.

Book 6: Nightfall[]

Marella's special ability is revealed to be pyrokinesis. Because the gorgodons are only vulnerable to fire, she goes to both Vespera's Nightfall and Lady Gisela's Nightfall. In Vespera's Nightfall, she goes with Grady to capture Fintan.

Book 7: Flashback[]

Sophie and Biana meet with Marella to ask if she wishes to train with Fintan to hone her pyrokinesis, and she agrees. She is seen waving her flaming hands to ward off one of the newborn trolls in the end fight scene. This is when her pyrokinesis is revealed to the rest of the world.

Book 8: Legacy[]

Marella reveals that she swore fealty to the Black Swan before her first pyrokinesis lesson with Fintan. Per Keefe's request, she goes to Loamnore and illuminates the room with flames when Tam is forced to darken it. She is knocked out by a dwarf but wakes up later.

Book 9: Stellarlune[]

Marella appears on the cover of Stellarlune, holding what appears to be a torch.


Match Status: Registered, zero lists received.

Sophie Foster[]

Dex Dizznee[]

When introducing herself to Sophie, she mentioned that she thought Dex was cute - although many people believed he wouldn't manifest.

Jensi Babblos[]

  • (friend/possible love interest)

Sophie sat with Jensi and his friends, of whom Marella calls the Drooly Boys ( Jensi, Valin, etc.) and Marella took it upon herself to save her from "committing social suicide". Later on in the book, Jensi, Marella, and Dex all sit with Sophie, Keefe, and the Vackers.

Biana Vacker[]

In the first book, Marella believes Biana to be very snobby, but as the books progress she warms up to her some.

Fitz Vacker[]

Marella admitted to having a crush on Fitz in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities to Sophie. However, in the later books, she seemed to have moved on.

Keefe Sencen[]

In Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities, Marella and Keefe loved talking about Sophie's alchemy failures.

Caprise Redek[]

  • (mother)

Caprise Redek received a head injury that even Elwin couldn't fix, causing her emotions to be out of control at times. Marella hoped to manifest as an empath so she could help her mother deal with her precarious emotions. Marella is shown to be bitter towards elves who judge her mother because of her condition.

Mother's Injury[]

Marella's mother, Caprise Redek, fell off of a balcony in the Redek's family residence, Fluttermont, when Marella was very young (she may have gotten the first Emotional Support Animal from Elwin) and has permanent brain damage. Marella was hoping to manifest as an Empath to help her emotionally unstable mother, but she became a Pyrokinetic instead.

Durand Redek[]

  • (father)

Durand Redek was mentioned in Keeper of the Lost Cities books 1 and 6. In the second book, he was mentioned to be a Guster. He was known for adapting very quickly to Marella's manifesting and quickly "fire-proofed" Fluttermont (Redek family house).

Tam Song[]

In Book 5: Lodestar, Marella was caught staring at Tam. In addition, they seemed to be teasing each other in Book 6: Nightfall. Marella also shot Tam "her flirtiest smile." When Biana complains about girls becoming her friend to get to her brother, Fitz, Marella agrees when Biana says she bets Linh feels the same way.

Linh Song[]

Linh and Marella train in their abilities together with Fintan and consider each other friends. They have supported each other several times and disagreed against their friends together. On another interesting note, the meaning behind Marella's name is apparently related to the sea and Linh's ability is Hydrokinesis. Shannon Messenger has also admitted that her character's names have significance. Marella and Linh are trying to find a way to merge their abilities.


  • Kind

Marella was nice enough to sit with Sophie—the new girl—on her first day of school and stop her from "committing social suicide" by sitting with the Drooly Boys.

  • Bitter

Marella is shown to be bitter—specifically about people's view of her mother's condition, as she hates when people gossip about her mother. She notably clenched her fists when she told Sophie how everyone completely believed that "Crazy Caprise Redek" set the fire when actually it was Marella's unexpected manifestation of pyrokinesis that sparked the flames.

  • Feisty

Marella isn't one to back down from a challenge. Throughout the first few books, she defends Sophie from Stina and says she enjoys doing it. She also isn't afraid to say what she means and clearly isn't one to sugarcoat things.

  • Sarcastic

Marella seems to have a dry sense of humor, occasionally making sarcastic remarks.

  • Blunt

Marella doesn’t exactly filter everything that comes out of her mouth, so some of her remarks may be insensitive. In the first book, she talks about Grady and Edaline isolating themselves from everyone and becoming loners when Jolie died, without seeming to care, and Sophie thinks of it as rude. However, she speaks her mind, which is one of her strongest qualities.


Marella is often cracking jokes, and when Sophie notices she is not acting like her usual happy and hyper self, she is concerned. Marella is also outgoing and doesn't care what other people think of her. She always speaks her mind and does not back down. In correspondence to Sophie, the girl of many mysteries, who often take people's words to heart, Marella always has her brave face on and is ready to face any challenge.

Registry File[]

Known Abilities: Pyrokinetic

Residence: Fluttermont

Immediate Family: Durand Redek (father), Caprise Redek (mother)

Match Status: Registered with zero lists received

Education: Current Foxfire Prodigy

Nexus: No longer required

Pathfinder: Not assigned. Restricted to Leapmasters and home crystals

Spyball Approval: None

Member of the Nobility: No

Title: None

Noble Assignment: None

Significant Connections: Fealty-sworn member of the Black Swan; training in pyrokinesis with former Councillor Fintan Pyren

Assigned Bodyguard(s): None

Shannon Messenger Character Bio[]

Marella hates nicknames. Don't even think about calling her Mare or Ella. And don't expect her to like you, because she'll probably think you're annoying. Most people are, which is why she's perfectly content sitting by herself at lunch. But sometimes she'll make an exception if someone seems like they might be remotely interesting—like Sophie Foster. Anyone who can cause as much drama and chaos as Sophie can is definitely Marella's style. Especially since Sophie is also friends with some super cute boys. Marella will always make time for super cute boys. She's also excellent at keeping up with the latest gossip—but don't you dare talk about her family!


  • The name Marella means "shining sea," which is somewhat ironic considering she is a Pyrokinetic.
  • Some also say her name refers to "warlike", "drop of the sea", "bitter", and "beloved". These names have Latin, Hebrew and Egyptian origin.
  • Marella was the first person to tell Sophie about Pyrokinetics in Keeper of the Lost Cities, which is ironic since she manifests the ability later in the series.
  • Marella isn't shy, but she isn't one to steal the spotlight, especially from Sophie.
  • Her last name, "Redek", means "rare" in Slovenian.
  • She has a blue-green stuffed kelpie called Sir Splashyhugs, given to her by Elwin, when her mother had her accident.
  • In Book 5: Lodestar she was described as having ice blue eyes.

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