“Manifesting a special ability comes with great responsibility. Not everyone gets one, you know.”

Grady Ruewen, in Keeper of the Lost Cities, page(s) 187, Google Books

When an elf triggers an ability, it is called Manifesting. For elves, abilities occur naturally. Alternatively, abilities can be purposely triggered by a Telepath or someone with large amounts of easily transferrable brainpower. Mr. Forkle triggers Sophie's abilities by invading her mind, such as Telepathy, Inflicting, Polyglot, and Enhancing, as well as with Marella's Pyrokinesis. Sophie naturally manifests her Teleporting ability due to her DNA, which is modeled loosely after an alicorn's. Elves usually can only manifest within the manifestation age, but sometimes don't, although this is very rare. Whenever elves don't manifest a special ability, they are considered "Talentless" and are shunned by the rest of the Elvin world. 

At the end of Legacy, Elwin believes that Keefe is manifesting a new ability. 

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