“Please. I never asked for the situation that was handed to me. I've never claimed that I handled it well.”

—Mai, in Lodestar

Mai Song is the mother of Tam Song and Linh Song, who are twins, to her dismay. She is the wife of Quan Song. She is first seen in Book 5: Lodestar, when she attends Exillium training with Quan in the Ambi Hemisphere. Her name, Mai, means blossom of the apricot tree. In Nightfall, when Linh and Tam go home, they notice paintings of themselves done by their mother, except there is no silver in their hair, and conveniently, it is painted so that she can see them alone, one on each side of the canvas, by flipping the painting with telekinesis. She belongs to a family of elvin songmakers and creates pieces based on natural elements as her job.

Appearance Edit

Mai is described to have jet-black hair and silvery eyes, like her children Tam and Linh Song. She is said to have slender fingers as well.

Personality Edit

Mai, as shown in Lodestar, is capable of feeling remorseful for letting the Council banish Tam and Linh from the Lost Cities. She had grabbed Tam's arm, pleading if they could talk it over, and was hurt when he rejected her. However, she still begged them, admitting that she had not handled the situation well. This suggests she is not self-righteous but she wants to correct her ways so that Tam and Linh might accept her as their mother again. She whispered that they looked so much older, showing that she still thought about her children.

She also seemed proud of Tam when she heard that he had used his ability to break Fitz and himself out of Ruy's force field so that they could take the Neverseen down and escape from Valkonian Hideout, as she asked Tam if it was true that he was a hero.

In Nightfall, when Tam visited Choralmere to help Alvar, she suspected Tam might have done something bad, but later proved that she cared for them, and wanted to show them she was sorry.

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