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Magsidian is a rare dwarven mineral that changes properties based on the way it is carved. It is commonly used as a security measure, as in the case of Exile, in which the councillors were each given a pendant carved of magsidian. Magsidian changes properties depending on how it is shaped and faceted.

Known Uses of Magsidian[]

A magsidian leaping crystal consists of a shiny, long, thin black stone with only one facet. When held up to the sun, the beam of "light" it casts looks more like a shadow and it feels very cold when stepped into. It can lead to the Gateway to Exile or really anywhere depending on what its made for.

  • Water Flask

When carved into a flask of water, the flask is able to collect water from the air, basically the evaporated water already in the air. First mentioned in Exile, Sophie notes that the water tasted sweeter than the contents of a Bottle of Youth. The dwarves gave one to her and Alden to drink from in Exile.

The Black Swan Pendant is given to new members after they say their oath. It has multiple uses including shattering force fields and lighting fires.

  • Rounded Disk of Magsidian

Not much is known about this disk, other than the fact that it opens a door that is in the Room Where Chances are Lost.

Different from the Black Swan pendant, this charm was delivered to Sophie in Exile. It affected the compass, once added to the bracelet. It points to the High Seas facility.

Bricks of magsidian were also found in the dwarven throne room in Legacy.