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This article is about Magnate Leto Kerlof. You may be looking for Mr. Forkle or Sir Astin.
The corresponding disambiguation page is Errol Loki Forkle.

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Magnate Leto Kerlof is the current principal of the Foxfire Academy, and was formerly the beacon of Foxfire's Silver Tower.


Book 2: Exile[]

Magnate Leto was first introduced to the series during Exile as Master Leto, the beacon of the Silver Tower for the eighth year elite level prodigies. He was gruff with Sophie Foster at first, put out that he must always unlock the door of the Silver Tower for her. He showed her the mirrors in the Hall of Illumination and tried to lead her through the elite mirror assignment. When Sophie passed out due to the Lodestar Mirror, Master Leto insisted on watching over her throughout Elwin's check-up.

Book 3: Everblaze[]

During Everblaze, Magnate Leto became Foxfire's principal, following Councillor Kenric's death and Dame Alina's promotion to a Councillor. While Magnate Leto was still beacon he does show some compassion for Sophie by giving her an amnesty, which is a blue glass square and something like a hall pass for humans, to get her out of trouble for being late from Councillor Bronte . When the ability-restricting circlet is placed on Sophie, he tells her to try to read his mind for a test so the Councillors could see if it worked. When she reads it, his thoughts tell her not to tell them if she could hear him.

Book 4: Neverseen[]

In Neverseen, Magnate Leto is revealed to be also Mr. ForkleSophie's former neighbor and the leader of the Black Swan. It can be noted that Forkle is an anagram of Kerlof, Magnate Leto's last name. Previously, Mr. Forkle claimed to have 5 identities (although there could possibly be more). It was easier for Mr. Forkle when he had a twin so he could be at two places at once.

Book 5: Lodestar[]

He was monitoring the sessions, that Sophie had to take in Exillium (at Foxfire Grounds).


Magnate Leto is described as a very tall elf with piercing blue eyes and slicked back black hair. He wears his hair in a ponytail with hair gel Elwin created as a present for him


  • He was the runner up to be a Councillor, after Dame Alina.
  • Kerlof is an anagram for Forkle.
  • Kerlof means "the one who combs wool" in Irish.


“Change can be a powerful, inspiring thing when we keep an open mind.”

—Magnate Leto Kerlof, in Lodestar

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  1. Keefe calls Magnate Leto this when Sophie accidentally throws a pillow at him and hits Leto in the face. The pillow was meant for Keefe.