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Magnate Leto Kerlof is the new principal of Foxfire, formally the Beacon of the Silver Tower for the elites.

During Neverseen he is revealed to be Sophie's neighbor and the leader of the Black Swan, Mr. Forkle. He also reveals that he is Sir Astin, Sophie's Universe mentor. Magnate Leto works for the Black Swan as part of the Collective, a group outlawed by the council. The Black Swan does not follow the Council's rules and instead prefer to make their own. The Black Swan works closely with the gnomes and dwarves.

Appearance Edit

Magnate Leto is a very tall elf with piercing blue eyes and black hair. He wears his hair in a ponytail with hair gel Elwin created as a present.


Magnate Leto is first introduced to the series during this book. He is gruff with Sophie at first, put out that he must always unlock the door of the Silver Tower for her. He shows her the mirrors in the Hall of Illumination and tries to lead her through the elite mirror assignment. When Sophie passes out due to the Lodestar mirror Magnate Leto insists on watching over her throughout Elwin's check-up. 


During Everblaze, Magnate Leto is made principal of Foxfire following Councillor Kenric's death and Dame Alina's promotion to Councillor. While Magnate Leto was still beacon he does show some compassion for Sophie by giving her an amnesty, which is a blue glass square and something like a hall pass for humans, to get her out of trouble for being late from Councillor Bronte . When the ability-restricting circlet is placed on Sophie, he tells her to try to read his mind for a test so the Councillors could see if it worked. When she reads it, his thoughts tell her not to tell them if she could hear him.


Magnate Leto does not directly appear in Neverseen except for his reveal as Mr. Forkle. (Kerlof is an anagram of Forkle.)

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