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“We both know you've played a role in as many secrets as any Councillor. The only difference is, your secrets never get erased.”

Fallon, in Flashback

Luzia Vacker is said to be a very famous flasher in the elvin world. She is one of the oldest ancients, the mother of Orem Vacker and the half-sister of Fallon Vacker. Fallon and Luzia Vacker have different fathers, causing them to look rather different. The Vacker family tries to cover this up, to hold a reputation.

Luzia has helped create many of the illusions that keep the Lost Cities hidden. She has worked with Vespera before but with very little contact and found her unsettling. She also noted that she hasn't invited Vespera into her home because she found her unsettling.

Luzia Vacker originally lived in Everglen but gave the residence to Alden Vacker telling him to add the fence around it. Fitz Vacker suspects that Luzia made it impossible to light leap into Everglen through the fence herself. Fallon Vacker is suspicious of why she gave up her home when most elves are very dedicated to their homes.

Luzia Vacker was involved in a treasonous alliance with the trolls, helping them and housing their hives on her property secretly. She also helped Empress Pernille with her troll experiment on Everglen grounds before giving the grounds away to Alden Vacker.

The name "Luzia" means bright, or born at daybreak. Which gives more backstory into her being a Flasher.

Appearance Edit

Luzia is described as looking like a gorgeous Egyptian goddess with pointed ears and shiny black hair. She has angled, clear blue eyes and bronze skin, which shimmers with flecks of amethyst glitter.

Personality Edit

She is shown to be cunning, and prefers to work alone.

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